D49 Construction Mesh Uses

Posted on: June 5, 2015

D49 1 420 x130

Firstly, what is D49 Construction Mesh and how is it made? Produced by us it is manufactured from 2.5mm copper washed drawn mild steel wire and conforms to BS 1052:1980. Our D49 construction mesh is manufactured to the latest standards, suitable for construction reinforcement and is resistance welded at every intersection.

Screed reinforcement

Screed reinforcement is a common practice adopted to improve the strength of screed constructions, curb shrinkage and cracking and impart better impact resistance to screeds. Reinforcement of the screeds using D49 wire mesh can prevent this to a great extent as it acts as a physical obstruction, deflecting the stress developed by micro cracks and preventing the formation of larger cracks on the screed.

D49 Mesh has a variety of uses, one being to protect pipes by laying a 30cm width over the piping which as stated above, helps enormously to obviate cracks. When it comes to under floor heating, the manner in which shrinking of the screed occurs raises problems which can be dealt with effectively by laying D49 mesh over the pipes and its efficacy cannot be understated.

The constantly changing temperature causes expansion and contraction which can result in potential cracks and curling; stabilising the screed with D49 mesh deals with this problem. D49 mesh is great for increasing reinforcement for the bending moment.

Affordable Reinforcement Mesh

D49 Construction Mesh produced by Siddall and Hilton is considered one of the best quality products available and conforms to all British Safety Standards.

Not surprisingly D49 is one of our most popular mesh products but when it comes to any of the products produced by us and whether you are a long established construction company or relatively new company, we can assure you that our products are absolutely safe and you will always be able to purchase them at highly competitive prices.

And as your clients demand from you the highest standards of service, we expect to provide the same standards of service to our own clients. In the final analysis, it’s the people behind any product which make it what it is. The depth and breadth of our experience ensures that when it comes to product and service we will continue to lead.

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