Choosing the right Steel Wire Fencing

Posted on: September 19, 2014

The type of steel wire fencing you choose for your commercial premises or the perimeter of your residential home will usually be to keep people out or keep something in or both. Another aspect of choosing the right steel wire fencing is aesthetics since most people want fencing to match the site it is surrounding or to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area.

Chain link steel wire fencing

Dating as far back as 1844 chain link fencing is a common choice for both residential and commercial purposes and is manufactured from steel wire which is galvanised and coated. However, although this type of fencing is transparent, it doesn’t offer much in the way of aesthetics and usually serves only as an initial security barrier. Quite often chain link fences are topped with barbed wire with a more secure fencing solution behind.

As technology has progressed steel wire has been transformed into palisade or mesh which is much stronger and more secure. These types of steel wire fencing are usually 2 metres high, topped with sharp protrusions so not only does the fencing look secure, but also ensures perimeters are extremely difficult to breach.

Steel wire fencing – Mesh

If aesthetics are important mesh fencing is the better choice. Manufactured from thin tubular wires from between 1 and 2.5 metres tall, this is usually the fencing of choice for the perimeters of parks, schools, other public area and most commercial sites. It is not as noticeable as palisade but provides the same if not better security.

Mesh steel wire fencing is also used for high security purposes such as around the perimeters of prisons.  Because of its tight configuration, this robust security fencing solution is almost impossible to climb and can reach 5 metres in height. That’s how tall an average adult giraffe stands! A Jewel in the Crown of security fencing, other features may be added to the mesh fence such as electronics and electrics.

So choosing the right steel wire fencing solution depends very much on your security needs. If high there is no contest – it has to be mesh but if you are looking for something to just mark the perimeter of a site you might want to go for chain link. If aesthetics are important, wire mesh fencing cannot be beaten. Both types provide safe, robust commercial and residential perimeter systems but mesh more so than chain link.

Naturally budget plays a part in any choice but it’s always wise to think about a more durable, long lasting solution that will stand the test of time and mesh fencing needs little maintenance or replacement.  For further advice on steel wire fencing solutions please call us – we are happy to share our expert knowledge for free.


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