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Wire Products

Precision is Important in when Buying Bulk Wire Lengths

Bulk Wire Lengths

Bulk Wire lengths are used in a huge variety of applications from wheel hubs and coat hangers to piano wire and wire container handles.

It’s fairly simple to cut wire lengths to an exact size at home but when you need them in bulk and completely straight, specialised machinery is the best way to achieve the perfect product. Siddall and Hilton’s investment in precision, up to date machinery had made us leaders in the production and supply of wire lengths internationally and nationwide.

Modern, up to date, machinery

Our machinery enables us to precisely cut wire up to 3 metres in length and in diameters of up to 8mm.  Materials we commonly use are:

  • Galvanised wire – anti rust
  • Copper washed – if aesthetics are of concern

How perfect wire lengths are produced

For ease of use and storage wire is manufactured in coils. The wire is straightened by passing it through state of the art machinery, gripped by rollers and monitored electronically. When the exact length has passed through the machine and is straight, it is precision cut.

You can see some of these processes in our Production methods video here.

Wire container handles

Stainless steel wire container handles comprise much of our component production activities.  These handles are corrosion resistant and are therefore used extensively on containers in industries where hygiene is of prime importance or where containers are likely to come into contact with moisture.

However, it’s not just in commerce and industry that our products are used.  Our wire has been used in wire sculptures, hobbies and art which demonstrate the versatility of steel wire in a host of applications.

If you would like to learn more about buying bulk wire lengths, contact Siddall & Hilton products today to find out how we can help you with your specific project.


How to Save Time in Finishing using Steel Baskets with Wire Handles

Baskets with Wire Handles

The process of finishing in manufacturing can be equally as labour intensive and important as the fabrication of parts. It is during this process that any rough edges, contamination and other imperfections are eradicated prior to assembling the finished product and shipping out.  Finishing is time consuming and most manufacturers look for the most efficient methods to save on labour costs. Steel baskets with wire handles can assist greatly in the finishing process and here is how.

Less waste in finishing

There is nothing more annoying that producing the perfect part or product and then having it scratched or damaged in finishing.  Time and money is wasted on reworking and it is one of the biggest problems for manufacturers.

Damage can occur when products or parts are washed especially if they are floating around together, bobbing into each other.  Or the container used for the washing process retains solvents that discolour the surface of parts because there isn’t enough space for them to escape. If this occurs the chances are parts will have to be reworked or discarded, a costly exercise that no manufacturer wants.

Steel baskets with wire handles can prevent damage during finishing and save manufacturers considerable time and money. These can be purchased from standard stock or custom made.

Dividers built into stainless steel baskets separate parts during washing and prevent them colliding with each other. In addition, the baskets can be made with sufficient open space to stop solvent retention.

Easier detection of parts

Stainless steel wire baskets with dividers allow parts to be arranged in sections thereby making it easier to retrieve and sort them. The baskets, if custom made, can also be designed to hold many different types and sizes of parts.  This also saves time and money on labour because one basket can be used instead of many.

Multiple processes

From organising and washing to storage, stainless steel baskets with wire handles play a significant role in ensuring that the finishing process of parts is speedily accomplished allowing them to move on to the final assembly.

For more information about our stainless steel baskets with wire handles, contact Siddall and Hilton to discuss your specific requirements.

Versatile Welded Wire Products

Welded Wire Products

Siddall and Hilton make Industrial Welded Wire Products for a multitude of Commercial and Industrial applications.  Ranging from D49 Construction Mesh, which is used in the Construction Industry and mainly used as a base for the pouring of concrete, as an aid to stability, anti-shrinkage and containment of the concrete flow and to achieve a uniform thickness.  It is manufactured on world leading precision, automated machinery and resistance welded for precision, uniformity and strength.

Bespoke Welded Wire Products

Whilst Bespoke Welded Wire Products are manufactured for a number of Commercial and Industrial applications some emerge in the art and sculpture world too.  They can be shaped and sculpted into almost any configuration and used as the core structure for any type of larger than life sculpture.  Of course this application does have certain limitations, but only in your mind!

Siddall and Hilton also manufacture and supply other types of Mesh, for instance in the use of Prison Wire and Panels.  This is ideal for Perimeter Fencing, and of course can be used in conjunction with Razor Wire (which we also supply).  These Prison Mesh Panels are extensively used in all types of high security applications, as the wire is extremely difficult to cut with standard wire cutters and is designed to be anti-climb, due to the spacing between the wires.  Again this type of mesh fencing can and is used for other applications too, and can be supplied in various lengths and widths to suit the application.

Gabion Mesh

In addition, Siddall and Hilton supply Gabion Mesh Baskets and Panels.  Typically the application is used in constructed ‘baskets’ which will contain ‘earth’ stones, boulders or other materials. They are used in the construction of supporting earth works, to prevent ‘slip’ or movement and to provide strength and stability.  You have probably seen hundreds of these ‘baskets’ in your everyday life without noticing them, because they can be easily disguised to appear as perfectly benign grassy slopes etc.  Another use is in flood prevention projects.  With the heavy rainfalls we have been beset with in recent years, they have been extensively used in many of the flood prevention projects carried out throughout the world.


photo credit: No go zone via photopin (license)

The Value of Wire Product Manufacturers

Wire Product  Manufacturers | Coil spring | Siddall and Hilton ProductsWire product manufacturers and suppliers are virtually indispensable because they keep so many industries working.  Wire products can be found in the home, office, factory and almost any place you can think of, serving industries such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Plumbing
  • Food processing
  • Automotive
  • Lighting
  • Agricultural
  • Construction
  • Hardware
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Upholstery

There are many more, too numerous to mention, but let’s take a look at some of the ways they are used.

In and around the home

Many things that are used at home will contain wire products, from the spring in a pen you might use to write your letters to the upholstery springs in the couch or chair you are sitting on.

You may have a stainless steel laundry basket and your garage door may have springs or other components to keep it working electronically.

If you own a barbecue the grill will usually be made of stainless steel wire products. Container handles may be made from a wire product or the components attaching the handle will be.

Your door handles and locks are manufactured with them and they can be found in all sorts of domestic appliances.

In the office

From the staples in your stapler to the clips on folders, the filing cabinet, fax and photocopier; ballpoint pens, office furniture and a multitude of machines and electronic technology, without a wire product manufacturer your business could grind to a halt!

Wire forms

We use a huge range of materials to make wire forms depending on use.  Most are made from stainless steel but many are made from aluminium, copper, nickel platinum, brass, tungsten, iron and titanium.

The application defines which metal will be used. For example, stainless steel might be used because it is rust resistant and if an application demands flexibility, strength, thermal or electrical conductivity we will select the perfect wire for the job.

As wire product manufacturers of wire forms, we are able to customise products to meet the specific needs of our customers by cutting wire lengths and shaping them to create the perfect form. We are able to apply finishes such as paint, powder coat and annealing, as well as produce large and small forms for commercial, residential and industrial use.

Upholstery springs

Whether required for restoration of antique furniture or manufacture of new chairs, couches, divans or beds we Siddall & Hilton has a comprehensive range of serpentine and double cone springs. Our tensions springs are often used in trampoline manufacture among other applications.

If you have project that requires bespoke wire products call us for more detailed information about what we can do for you.

Image by Jonathan Stonehouse


Modern Container Wire Handles

Container Handles | Siddall & HiltonToday’s Container Handles evolved from simple beginnings.

Go back just 50 years to the time when plastic was first utilised for the production of buckets and you will find that a simple wire style handle provided the means for lifting and carrying them.

Today, wire handles have evolved considerably from the simple one style container handles used so successfully for buckets, pots and pans to more complex designs for a wide range of cooking implements; even including mess tins as used by our military.

Wire handles for the food industry

As established wire handle manufacturers, we use top quality galvanised wire from leading European suppliers,  in wire diameters from 2.15mm-7mm. Headed, hooked and block ended designs are available with optional roller grips. A significant proportion of our total output is destined for food industry use and demonstrates our ability to meet strict customer requirements, working within the constraints of food and hygiene regulations to manufacture a high quality contaminant free product.

Grades and Finishing

Our handle wire is available in lengths of up to 3 metres and 8mm diameter and is used primarily in automated container handle machinery.  We manufacture a diverse range of grades with wire finishes that include Galfan, copper washed, galvanised and stainless steel.

As manufacturers of wire container handles we can fabricate wire handles to meet both your specifications and inventory levels.  The finishing we provide includes:

  • Heat treatment: Stress relieving, Austempering, Harden and Tempering, Vacuum Heat Treating, Neutral Atmosphere Hardening, and Case Hardening
  • Passivate: To remove contaminants and improve corrosion resistance we are able to provide acid treatment of stainless steel which is recommended for medical and food industries.
  • Plate: in Zinc, Cadmium, Tin, Copper, Nickel and Brass
  • Powder Coating
  • E-Coating

We also offer Secondary Operations such as threading, chamfering, drilling, tapping, machining, staking and welding.

Our strategy is to continue to meet the challenges raised by our determination to remain at the top of our field. Despite the significant growth of our business over more than a century, we are still able to provide our customers with unequalled service in reliability, quality and affordability.

Wire products made from quality Steel Wire

For hundreds of years steel workers and ironmongers have been making Wire products that are useful in both the industrial and domestic market places. From the most delicate and ornamental garden features to the most secure fencing and gates wire products made from quality steel wire are here to stay.

Nowadays, we see more and more wire products in and around our properties that assist us in our daily lives. From the simplest waste paper basket to the most sophisticated barbecue quality steel wire can produced customised wire products to match any requirement.

Customised barbecue construction

If you build customised barbecues as a landscape gardener, the chances are that you will combine stainless steel and wire mesh for the grill and rack since it is so easy to clean, robust and resilient to rust. These grills and racks could easily last a lifetime given minimum maintenance.


The versatility of wire products made from steel wire is endless particularly in the security industry. Security window bars, gates, doors and fences call all be customised to satisfy any customer’s needs and because of the range of designs available there is no problem with aesthetic integration. Security accessories such as remote controlled gates, security lighting and alarms can also be perfectly installed or attached.

Around the garden

Garden trolleys for moving plants and tools around are usually manufactured from wire mesh products and are of great assistance to the avid gardener with trees to prune and bushes to transform into the most magnificent topiary designs.

In the house

In the home, laundry baskets made from quality stainless steel mesh are useful in two main ways. Firstly you can see how much laundry there is to do and secondly they won’t rust. Stainless steel products like this are excellent for a modern look.

Bird cages and aviaries

Whether you are looking for a bird cage for your pet parrot or a full sized aviary in your garden the chances are they will both be made using wire products made from quality steel wire. Manufacturers of these products have a wealth of experience in producing all forms of pet enclosures so seeking advice from them, particularly for the construction of an aviary is a must.

No matter what you need Wire products made from quality steel wire for, choosing a professional manufacturer will ensure that you get the highest quality as well as the benefit of expert craftsmanship.