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What is Gabion Mesh?

Gabion Mesh

Gabion mesh, welded or woven, is used to make Gabion baskets. Gabions have a variety of different applications. They are mainly used for stabilising retaining walls where the movement of earth is a problem.

Gabion mesh baskets, filled with rocks, provide a perfect solution to erosion of river banks and reservoir walls. They are also widely used by landscape gardeners who use them creatively for water and garden features.

Gabion mesh baskets in landscaping           

As any professional landscape gardener will tell you, if you are going to create a feature that is exposed to the elements, it needs to be durable. Retaining walls, water features and even garden furniture can be created with gabion mesh baskets and they look stunning.

However, the stones or rocks used to fill the baskets must be the right size. If they are too small they will fall out of the apertures in the gabion mesh.

The apertures between the steel mesh cross beams vary considerably. They can be shaped in circles, squares and diamonds to name a few. Check with your gabion mesh manufacturer which shapes are standard since manufacturers’ preferences vary too. Ask about bespoke baskets if you want apertures in a specific design for your project.

At Siddall & Hilton our standard size mesh apertures are 76.2mm (3 inches). We use between 3mm and 5mm diameter Galfan wire to create the mesh because of its excellent corrosion resistant properties.

Aesthetics and strength

In your travels you may have seen chicken mesh on cliffs or hills where movement is likely. It looks a mess and needs replacing often. If aesthetics and strength are important issues don’t use chicken mesh!  This type of mesh is prone to bend out of shape and move, allowing the rock and earth to manipulate the mesh. Gabions made from high gauge Galfan wire mesh are strong and built to last.

For more information about Gabion mesh baskets and their many uses contact the Siddall & Hilton sales team. Our products have been used in many projects ranging from the simplest garden features to highly complex earth and rock retaining solutions

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Transformer Protection from Bespoke and Standard Mesh Suppliers

 Bespoke and Standard Mesh Suppliers

As bespoke and standard mesh suppliers our local and global clients use our products in diverse ways, across a broad spectrum of industries.  And as the world become a more dangerous place mesh panel use and security fencing can be found in places where they were not necessary before.

Around the globe there is extreme concern about attacks, both vandalism and terrorism on power stations. Whilst power stations have always had a high degree of protection, transformers have had just basic health and safety protection. Here are some examples:

  1. Transformer Protection

In the United States there is a growing problem with attacks on transformers and power station mainly perpetrated by angry farmers cutting transmission lines. Hunters are also firing at transformers in a bizarre attempt to brag about their shooting prowess.

Whilst energy substations are protected usually by chain link fences and CCTV surveillance this is not a sufficient deterrent, or even an effective one, to stop the vandalism.  Power cuts caused by these destructive acts cause drastic inconvenience to consumers and also have adverse economic consequences.

  1. Terrorist attacks on energy infrastructures

According to EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) renowned US research facility in the US, there were around 2,500 terrorist attacks on the energy infrastructure between 1996 and 2006 and that number is rising.  Globally there have been 500 terrorist attacks on electrical power substations.

  1. Transformer vandalism in South Africa

At Mountain View in Cape Town, South Africa residents are worried about 3 transformers that are sited on streets but have no fencing whatsoever. With children playing close to them it’s not difficult to understand their concern.

However the local authority says that the transformers are safe and complaints have only begun since acts of vandalism have been prevalent in the area. The steel casing around them has been penetrated and residents feel that further protection is needed. As bespoke and standard mesh suppliers our view is that mesh panels, particularly anti-climb ones, would go a long way to solving the problem.

There is serious concern from governments around the world that multiple attacks on power infrastructures across the globe could bring our lives to a halt.

If you would like to know more about our security fencing please contact our sales team. As long established, bespoke and standard mesh suppliers, we have an enviable reputation in the supply of high quality stainless steel mesh solutions.

3 Common Applications for Special Mesh Panels

Special Mesh Panels

As manufacturers of Special Mesh Panels we have a diverse range of clients from all types of industry.  Our stainless steel panels are used in building and construction, for fencing boundaries, to create attractive features in landscape gardening and in catering to name just a few applications. There is hardly a limit to the configurations we are able to produce and we hold always have standard sized panels in stock.

These are some of the most common applications standard and Special Mesh Panels are put to:

Agricultural and Farming

Standard or special panels which have been coated or (Hot tip galvanised) can be used for interior enclosures for livestock on farms.  They can also be used to make exterior enclosures and boundary fences. There is enormous versatility when using them in agriculture and farming such as the protection of saplings and other trees, creation of shelves and storage areas.

Many of our Special Mesh Panels are sent to wildlife parks and zoos to protect both animals and visitors.


Hygiene is paramount in catering and most professional chefs prefer the vast majority of anything in their kitchens to be made of stainless steel.  This is because it is corrosion proof and since a lot of steam is generated whilst cooking, that’s important.

Our panels can be used as shelves, racks and storage units, as well as to segregate areas in the kitchen. Stainless steel is also very easy to clean.

Security & Fencing

Special Mesh Panels are often used in banks, pawn brokers or antique shops and in other industries where it is important that visitors don’t see too much. We can manufacture them to be aesthetically pleasing, matching the décor of their location.

If used as Security Fences they will need to be hot tip galvanised or specially coated to protect them from the elements. Properly coated, they can last a lifetime.

They can also be configured specially so that other security accessories can be attached or affixed to them.

For more information on our comprehensive range of Special Mesh Panels, D49 Mesh and other Mesh products contact us via our website or by telephone.  Our sales team will be happy to discuss applications and options with you.

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High Quality D49 Construction Mesh

High Quality D49 Construction Mesh

Why High Quality D49 Construction Mesh?

High Quality D49 Construction Mesh is an essential component for reinforcing screed and ensuring strength in a concrete or resin floor.  The flaws inherent in screed such as cracking, curbing and shrinking are well known and as a reinforcement product, our D49 Construction Mesh has no equal particularly on screeds at low depth where the bending moment can be increased with its use.

Mesh above piping

We recommend 300mm wide reinforcement mesh is laid over pipes that have a 30mm screed covering.  D49 will reduce cracking in the screed.  In underfloor heating where there is a variance in temperature, the mesh will stabilise the screed, particularly where plastic piping has been used.

Reinforcement of Day Joints

Lateral movement is curbed by utilising D49 mesh and architects often make it compulsory for day joints

Maintaining the highest standards

At Siddall & Hilton we are aware that the optimum standards are required for products used in the construction industry.  For this reason we keep ourselves apprised of the latest industry news and changes in rules and regulations.

Our D49 Mesh is manufactured in compliance with BS 1052:1980 and CARES approved.  Our customers are able to offer their construction clients high quality products that are designed to do the perfect job.  Floor pipe and joint safety is imperative in any construction project and we can be relied upon to provide products that meet all British Safety Standards.  We stake our reputation on it!

In our range of steel mesh products, D49 is a best seller both locally and globally. Whether you are new to the construction industry or an established builder you can rely on us never to let you down on quality or price.

For more details about D49 construction mesh and other products used in the industry including security and fencing products, call our D49 experts today for advice and a no obligation quote.

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5 Ways to use Industrial Welded Mesh


Industrial Welded Mesh

Industrial welded mesh is often used for fencing factory complexes as well as segregating areas within an industrial building but its uses are almost limitless. Here are 5 different ways to use it.

Trellis work

Much stronger than wood and far more resilient to the elements when coated, welded mesh makes an excellent trellis for growing vines and other climbing plants. With minimal maintenance it can last a lifetime in the garden.

Barrier to wildlife

If you live in an area where deer roam free it’s rare that you actually catch sight of them in your garden. The only evidence you are likely to find is that your plants have been trampled and the bark of your trees damaged by bucks rubbing their antlers against them. Deer cause millions of pounds worth of damage every year in the UK to farms and gardens.

Mesh fencing is a perfect solution to keep these beautiful yet destructive creatures out. The mesh size should be no more than 7.5 x 7.5 centimetres and the height a minimum of 1.5 metres. Part of the fence should be buried all around the perimeter to prevent them getting under it.

Vegetable garden

Quite often we see allotments and vegetable gardens with runner beans and peas growing up poles. A more efficient method of cultivating these vegetables is to erect welded mesh panels which are stronger than poles and will hold a larger quantity of plants.

Chicken coops

Chicken wire is inexpensive but if you live in an area where foxes are prevalent, it won’t be enough to protect your poultry. Spend a little extra and build your chicken coop using mesh.

Compost bin

By creating a welded mesh square or rectangular space with four panels you can throw your leaves and garden waste into it to make a neat compost container.

In addition to the above such applications as aviaries, pet enclosures, petunia towers, pergolas and wall planters, among many other solutions, are all possible using welded mesh panels and fencing.

For more information about industrial welded mesh applications and our comprehensive range of fencing solutions contact Siddall & Hilton today on +44 (0)1484 401610.

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Avoid Personal Injury Claims with Commercial Weldmesh Fencing

Weldmesh Fencing

Protection with Commercial Weldmesh Fencing

As Fencing manufacturers our attention was drawn to a recent news story regarding a member of the public in Renfrewshire.

A woman was injured by a corroded steel spike protruding from vandalised council and residential fencing.  Visibility was poor and she just walked into the spike.

Anti-Vandal fence panels

For commercial premises we cannot emphasise enough the importance of high quality fencing that should be professionally installed and maintained regularly.  Strong security fencing can be a little more expensive but some of our products are extremely difficult to penetrate or vandalise without sophisticated cutting equipment.  These include:

  • Anti-Climb
  • D49 Mesh
  • Prison Mesh
  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential mesh panels

Health & Safety Regulations

There are health and safety regulations that apply to certain types of fences in the UK.  You can learn more about these by visiting the Health and Safety Executive website.  Your business must protect the public from your activity and this includes broken and damaged fencing.

Personal injury claims

Personal injury claims for compensation are not unusual when a member of the public is harmed as a result of tripping over or walking into damaged fencing.  So if you want to potentially save thousands of pounds it is always worth considering stronger commercial weldmesh fencing that is difficult to vandalise.

Strong, high quality steel mesh fence panels can be coated to protect against the elements and will last a very long time with minimal maintenance.

Siddall and Hilton commercial weldmesh fencing products are high quality at an affordable price. However, when you purchase fence panels to protect the boundaries of your business premises do use professional fencing contractors to install them.  An amateur job can result in more expense when eventually you have to call in a suitably qualified operative to put the work right.

For more information about our Commercial Weldmesh Fencing  solutions call Siddall ad Hilton on +44 (0) 1484 401610 or complete our contact form  giving us details of your project and we will respond as quickly as possible.  If you are in doubt about the type of fencing you need for a project we are happy to share our knowledge with you and offer expert advice.

How to Create Display Panels from D49 Mesh

D49 Mesh

D49 mesh is very strong and used for a variety of purposes in fencing and construction.

However, few people realise that it can make excellent display panels for attaching a gallery of pictures, promotional posters or even products on a market stall.  D49 wrapping mesh is a cheaper alternative to manufactured display panels and people with a basic DIY talent can make them from D49 wrapping mesh or buy premade mesh panels.  They can then be covered in a fabric of your choice to showcase your products or art at exhibitions, trade shows, art galleries and markets. The panels can be used time and again since D49 mesh is durable and can last a lifetime when used for this purpose.  They will also hold much more weight than standard display panels.

Things You’ll Need

  • D49 mesh or mesh panels
  • Fabric of your choice
  • Wall brackets or panel joining clips if your display is going to be free standing
  • Tools to assemble your panels
  • Velcro, pins or a sewing machine
  • Hooks (preferably S-Shaped)


Measure the space you have, calculate the number of items you need to display and measure them allowing for space in between where you will want to put a description or price tag. Usually you would allow around 12.7 centimetres space between items.  To make sure you get it right you can layout a sheet on the floor to match the size of the display panels you need using it as a pattern. Mark out where you are going to hang your or attach your items and then calculate how many panels you will require.

If you need particularly large panels you should consider making free standing models because too much weight hanging on them could easily detach them from a wall if wall mounted.

If you choose manufactured panels, rather than making them yourself from D49 wrapping mesh, they will have interlocking connecters and if wall mounted, hooks or screws. Make sure they are firmly secured before moving onto the next step.

Attaching the fabric

When the panels are connected together you will need two and half times the measurement of each one for the fabric covering.  The fabric used is normally thick nylon or felt. Cover the panels from above leaving the open ends at the bottom.  You can pin, sew or attach Velcro to secure it. Push your S shaped hooks through the fabric and then you can begin to attach your items.

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The Versatility of Standard and Bespoke Wire Mesh Panels

Bespoke Wire Mesh Panels

Choosing Standard or Bespoke Wire Mesh Panels

Whether you are refurbishing a property, mending a fence or landscaping a garden, standard or bespoke wire mesh panels are both flexible and versatile. They can be put to a myriad of uses but before purchasing them you need to consider the right type of panel required to match your project.

The choices available to you may be confusing if you don’t know very much about the different types of wire mesh so here are some guidelines to help you.

Selecting the correct wire mesh

Mesh panels are made from a variety of materials including standard mesh, chicken wire, D49 mesh etc.  For example if you are repairing a damaged fence you might want to use bespoke wire mesh panels if the fence is not a standard size. Depending on what the fence is being used for and how high it is, you would then consider the gauge and pattern of the panels. Naturally if the fence is being used for security purposes you will need a stronger panel than if it is only being used to mark a boundary. If aesthetics are an issue, the normal pattern options are rectangles or squares but if you want something special the panels can be custom made.

Professional installers

Bespoke panels are more expensive than standard because they are specially made and this means that the installation of them should be put in the hands of professional installers, no matter the project. If the panels are not fitted properly inevitably they will have to be refitted incurring more expense in the process.

Professional Landscape gardeners install mesh panels for a variety of reasons including for decorative and ornamental purposes, to act as a stronger trellis for plants and hanging pots and for segregation of gardens.

Fencing companies and landscape gardeners are often mesh panel suppliers of both standard and bespoke panels so if you take our advice to use suitably experienced and qualified installers, you can also purchase the panels you need from them.  Professionals can also advise you as to the best panels for your project allowing you to make an informed choice.

Contact Siddall & Hilton for more information about our range of standard and bespoke wire mesh panels.

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Versatile Welded Wire Products

Welded Wire Products

Siddall and Hilton make Industrial Welded Wire Products for a multitude of Commercial and Industrial applications.  Ranging from D49 Construction Mesh, which is used in the Construction Industry and mainly used as a base for the pouring of concrete, as an aid to stability, anti-shrinkage and containment of the concrete flow and to achieve a uniform thickness.  It is manufactured on world leading precision, automated machinery and resistance welded for precision, uniformity and strength.

Bespoke Welded Wire Products

Whilst Bespoke Welded Wire Products are manufactured for a number of Commercial and Industrial applications some emerge in the art and sculpture world too.  They can be shaped and sculpted into almost any configuration and used as the core structure for any type of larger than life sculpture.  Of course this application does have certain limitations, but only in your mind!

Siddall and Hilton also manufacture and supply other types of Mesh, for instance in the use of Prison Wire and Panels.  This is ideal for Perimeter Fencing, and of course can be used in conjunction with Razor Wire (which we also supply).  These Prison Mesh Panels are extensively used in all types of high security applications, as the wire is extremely difficult to cut with standard wire cutters and is designed to be anti-climb, due to the spacing between the wires.  Again this type of mesh fencing can and is used for other applications too, and can be supplied in various lengths and widths to suit the application.

Gabion Mesh

In addition, Siddall and Hilton supply Gabion Mesh Baskets and Panels.  Typically the application is used in constructed ‘baskets’ which will contain ‘earth’ stones, boulders or other materials. They are used in the construction of supporting earth works, to prevent ‘slip’ or movement and to provide strength and stability.  You have probably seen hundreds of these ‘baskets’ in your everyday life without noticing them, because they can be easily disguised to appear as perfectly benign grassy slopes etc.  Another use is in flood prevention projects.  With the heavy rainfalls we have been beset with in recent years, they have been extensively used in many of the flood prevention projects carried out throughout the world.


photo credit: No go zone via photopin (license)

Applications for Standard Mesh Panels

Standard Mesh Fencing

Stainless steel standard mesh panels are used in a huge variety of applications across a broad range of industries including construction, catering, security and fencing among many others. Manufactured in almost limitless configurations, they are available in standard sizes as well as bespoke specifications. Here are some of the most common uses:


In catering standard mesh can be seen on the interior of kitchen units forming baskets to hold a variety of products and objects, as panels with utensils hung from them and in racking. Since cooking generates a lot of steam stainless steel is chosen because it is rust resistant

Items stored on stainless steel racks or in welded wire mesh baskets can with the correct configuration, easily be seen at a glance, something a busy chef finds invaluable when having to produce orders at speed.


Standard mesh panels configured to obscure vision are perfect for use in banks, over windows and in dispatch facilities. Indeed any area where it’s important to keep activities away from prying eyes.

These panels can also be used for security fencing but if used outside need to be coated or hot tip galvanised.

Standard mesh is often used as an alternative to boarding up windows in empty buildings and to surround building sites, offering a protective barrier against vandalism and robbery. However, where a high level of security is required more robust security fencing systems are available.

Machinery and equipment

As coverings or guards welded wire mesh panels are an integral part of health and safety offering security and high visibility when machines are in operation.  In environments where a lot of moisture is created the panels are corrosion resistant and therefore long lasting.


Welded mesh panels can be used as screens in open plan office areas to segregate workspaces.  Mesh configurations and colour coatings create an attractive appearance and allow air to circulate through the panels.

Agricultural use

Hot tip galvanised or coated standard mesh panels are used for animal for interior and exterior animal enclosures, farm fencing, protecting trees and plants, shelving and storage. Panels used for agricultural purposes are manufactured in a wide range of grades and sizes.

The panels can also be used in zoos and wildlife parks as enclosures for animals, birds and other wildlife. They are equally effective as pet enclosures for residential use.

Naturally, there are many more ways in which standard mesh can be applied but the next time you have a project, perhaps you will consider using these panels rather than less robust alternatives such as wood or plastic.


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The Many Uses of Industrial Mesh

Security Cage - industrial Mesh


Industrial Mesh is available from Siddall & Hilton Products sheet form, panels and rolls, several diameters and a varied range of coatings.  It can be applied for many uses globally, with differing installation methods.  These include but are not limited to:

Agriculture, animal enclosures and grain storage

In farming, Industrial Welded Mesh is used for the construction of rearing cages, feed rack systems and storage of animal feed and grain.  Also found in smaller agricultural and domestic animal applications in the manufacture of kennels, aviary and other protective enclosures.

Security cages and safety guards

Used in industrial workplaces such as factories and warehouses, it can be utilised for machinery guards, shop fittings and as security window grilles.  In warehouse situations, Industrial Welded Mesh is useful for racking and storage systems.

Construction, transportation and civil engineering

In these trades, Industrial Welded Mesh has a multitude of applications. It is used in the application of walkways, balustrades and cladding.  Our popular D49 construction mesh is widely known for its screed reinforcement properties.  It reduces shrinkage in curbing, enhances the strength of the concrete screed and prevents cracks forming.

Gabion baskets and prevention of rock fall

Gabion retaining baskets manufactured from are a much more reliable solution when used on retaining walls, than concrete, which may be prone to failure and cracking.  These baskets when filled with stone are a more aesthetic solution than concrete.

There are many opportunities to use gabion in diverse situations, such as bridge abutments, landscape gardening for soil retaining walls, channel linings and gulley construction. Galvanised standard mesh is also widely used in the landscape gardening industry.

Security fencing

For many types of fencing, preventative, high security, to establish boundaries and in some instances school sports area fencing, there is a wide choice of heights and grades suitable for uses around industrial units, prisons, warehouses and schools. Due to the diversity of style and durability, these mesh panels are a deterrent to any intruder. Bespoke mesh panels can also be designed and manufactured to match specific projects.

Aggregate Screening

A series of varying sizes of Industrial mesh employed in the quarry and processing plants to filter through the differing sizes of stones, after initial blasting of rocks, then through processes to determine final choice of finished stone product size. Other materials that can be screened through a similar process include sand, gravel, topsoil, coal and cement.

With its extensive use across many varied industries, Industrial Mesh will provide a cost effective solution whatever your application needs.  We have welded mesh products to create an inspired solution to your everyday requirements.

At Siddall & Hilton we are here to discuss your requests and assist you with your choices, whether your needs are for security reasons, construction, agriculture or any related industry we can provide solutions.

Call today for a quote and our competitive prices.  Use our Quick Contact Form or telephone us on +44 (0) 1484 401610


Image by Ravenshoe Group

Benefits of using Standard Mesh Products

Standard Mesh | Siddall & Hilton ProductsStandard Mesh, is widely used in Construction and Civil Engineering projects. It’s also used in filtration, food manufacture, protection systems and agriculture. Our Standard Mesh, also known as Welded Mesh is a major prefabrication product aimed at helping our customers to raise their productivity standards in all uses.

Some of the advantages of using Standard Welded Mesh are:

  • Control and flexibility in manufacturing to suit any structural requirement
  • Can be used in either flat sheet or shaped form
  • Wastage of material is reduced and controlled
  • Better for utilising on-site space and logistics
  • Standard welded mesh conforms to BS 1052: 1980

Our Standard mesh products are available in the following finishes:

Copper Wash (self-colour)

Manufactured from copper-washed drawn mild steel wire

Copper washed standard industrial mesh is not suitable for outdoor use without further surface treatment and would usually be hot dip galvanised after fabrication

Hot Dip Galvanised

This is generally made up of plain steel wire which is processed and coated in a hot zinc covering.  This style of square structured mesh is used for making grilles and grating, and is an ideal product for making animal cages and partitions.

The main characteristics of hot dipped galvanised standard mesh are that it has a uniform, flat surface with a firm structure and excellent corrosion resistance.

Galfan Finish

Used for protection against soil and water, for example in flood areas to prevent water seepage. It has the following advantages in use: Simple installation, Weatherproof, Corrosion Resistant, No Collapse, Economic and Good Penetrability.

Siddall & Hilton Products Ltd can supply any of the above type finishes in Standard Mesh, in wire diameters from 2.00 mm – 4.75mm supported by a wide range of mesh configurations, with welds at every intersection to give maximum strength.

We manufacture five standard panel sizes as follows. Non-standard sizes can be considered upon request, subject to minimum order quantities.

  • 4’ x 8′ (1220mm x 2440mm)
  • 6′ x 12′ (1830mm x 3660mm)
  • 6′ x 4′ (1830mm x 1220mm)
  • 6′ x 3′ (1830mm x 915mm)
  • 7′ x 12′ (2140mm x 3660mm

Please contact us to discuss your specific Standard Mesh requirements and get a no obligation, free quote.



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D49 Construction Mesh Uses

D49 1 420 x130

Firstly, what is D49 Construction Mesh and how is it made? Produced by us it is manufactured from 2.5mm copper washed drawn mild steel wire and conforms to BS 1052:1980. Our D49 construction mesh is manufactured to the latest standards, suitable for construction reinforcement and is resistance welded at every intersection.

Screed reinforcement

Screed reinforcement is a common practice adopted to improve the strength of screed constructions, curb shrinkage and cracking and impart better impact resistance to screeds. Reinforcement of the screeds using D49 wire mesh can prevent this to a great extent as it acts as a physical obstruction, deflecting the stress developed by micro cracks and preventing the formation of larger cracks on the screed.

D49 Mesh has a variety of uses, one being to protect pipes by laying a 30cm width over the piping which as stated above, helps enormously to obviate cracks. When it comes to under floor heating, the manner in which shrinking of the screed occurs raises problems which can be dealt with effectively by laying D49 mesh over the pipes and its efficacy cannot be understated.

The constantly changing temperature causes expansion and contraction which can result in potential cracks and curling; stabilising the screed with D49 mesh deals with this problem. D49 mesh is great for increasing reinforcement for the bending moment.

Affordable Reinforcement Mesh

D49 Construction Mesh produced by Siddall and Hilton is considered one of the best quality products available and conforms to all British Safety Standards.

Not surprisingly D49 is one of our most popular mesh products but when it comes to any of the products produced by us and whether you are a long established construction company or relatively new company, we can assure you that our products are absolutely safe and you will always be able to purchase them at highly competitive prices.

And as your clients demand from you the highest standards of service, we expect to provide the same standards of service to our own clients. In the final analysis, it’s the people behind any product which make it what it is. The depth and breadth of our experience ensures that when it comes to product and service we will continue to lead.

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Invest in the Right Type of Industrial Fencing

Selecting the right type of industrial fencing for the perimeter of your site is most likely going to be defined by budget and the level of security you require. Most companies also want the type of industrial fencing that will be long lasting with minimal maintenance so here are a few tips to assist you in the decision making process.

Invariably secure, industrial fencing is more expensive per metre and can make a big hole in your budget before you have even thought about the installation of it. However, depending on the areas you want to protect you might want to take a close look at welded mesh panels with their anti-climb properties. These panels are a highly popular choice for securing industrial premises because they are durable, low maintenance and affordable.

Palisade fencing

Palisade fencing provides additional security when a medium level of security is required. Choosing this for your industrial fencing needs is a great idea due to its D shaped heads which makes it difficult for anyone trying to get over the top of it; and its appearance is usually enough to stop intruders even trying. This type of fencing can often be seen around retail and recreational parks.

Posts make a huge difference to the price

In the installation of industrial fencing, as indeed with any other type, the amount of posts required will impact adversely on the budget. The fencing will be more expensive if you need a lot of posts. However, if you are upgrading an existing fence it is sometimes possible for a professional fencing installer to incorporate them into your new industrial fencing system using rolls of welded mesh. But if you don’t have an existing fence your best option is to choose 3 metre width welded mesh panels to cut down on the amount of posts needed to secure the fence.

Robust industrial fencing

Irrespective of budget, it’s vital that you don’t waste your budget on industrial fencing that won’t stand the test of time. Cheap, sub-standard fencing is false economy if you have to replace or repair it frequently. In the long term you will end up paying double the price so invest in the most robust fencing you can afford.

At Siddall & Hilton we have a comprehensive range of affordable Industrial Fencing Solutions and many years of experience in the manufacture of all types of security fencing so why not give us a call to discuss your industrial fencing project.


2 Types of Industrial Welded Mesh

The versatility of Industrial Welded Mesh is virtually limitless and it is used in a wide variety of industrial applications including within the security and construction sectors. We will discuss 2 types of industrial welded mesh below. But first, here are just a few of the areas where industrial welded mesh can be used:

  • Security for window grilles
  • Machinery guards
  • Racking in warehouses
  • Attaching to garden walls for creepers and plants
  • Aviaries
  • Protective enclosures for animals
  • Architectural mesh applications including cladding, walkways and balustrading
  • Security fencing

Industrial welded mesh is also widely used in construction and civil engineering for strengthening floors, protecting pipes and preventing cracks from occurring or becoming larger.


Here are 2 types of industrial welded mesh:


Gabion Industrial Welded Mesh

This versatile, highly corrosion resistant product can also be used for a diverse range of purposes including reinforcement of land where soil retention is necessary, barriers in Military Defence; river, coast and flood protection, acoustic barriers and for features on garden walls. Our industrial welded mesh for these purposes is called Gabion and we manufacture a huge range of these panels (typical mesh aperture is 3″ / 76.2mm).We also offer bespoke Gabion mesh panels on request.

Industrial Welded Mesh Security Fencing

The danger of a terrorist attack on your commercial site is directly related to the country in which it is situated. If you are in the UK terrorist threats fall into the following categories:

  • Red – Critical
  • Pink – Severe
  • Yellow – Substantial
  • Blue – Moderate
  • Green – Low

The current status of terrorist threat in the UK is “Substantial” but no matter which category level applies it’s imperative that the perimeter of a commercial site is adequately protected.  A fence is always the first line of defence against any threat whether low or high.

Industrial welded mesh fencing is an intelligent fencing system much used in the security industry. This is because it creates a robust barrier and there are no weaknesses that potential intruders can exploit. Industrial welded mesh fences are often equipped with technology that will alert a control centre of any attempted breach.

Reputable Manufacturers

If you are looking for a supplier of industrial welded mesh for any purpose, as manufacturers our products are second to none in the industry. Using the highest quality European steel wire available on the market today our products meet all relevant British Safety Standards regulations.

As long established and reputable manufacturers of Industrial Welded Mesh, we have expert knowledge in the applications of all our products so if you are not sure what you need, speak to us and we will be able to advise you. There are certain industrial welded mesh products that are not suitable for exterior use and if in doubt it is always best to ask, in order to avoid significant expense and complaints from your clients.

Keeping up to date with all new technology within our industry is also important to us in order to provide our customers with the best there is at competitive prices.  Whether you are in construction, security, agriculture or any other related industry we are here to help. Get a quote today for your project by using our Quick Contact form or calling us on +44 (0)1484 401610