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Industrial Fencing Solutions for Parks, Sports Facilities and Recreation Grounds

Industrial Fencing Solutions

As parks and recreational grounds become more susceptible to vandalism, strong industrial fencing solutions are required for protection.

The need for security fencing in both every day and uncommon situations demonstrates a requirement to find a fencing product that can not only maintain security, but also blend in with park aesthetics. It also needs to provide a major deterrent to vandalism and crime.

Double Wire Fence Systems

The simple design of these pre-galvanised wire panels, which can be manufactured with or without anti-climb security top spikes, makes them an ideal option.  Available in 868 (with single 6mm vertical wire and twin 8mm horizontal wires) or 656 (single 5mm vertical wire and twin 6mm horizontal wires) formations, our heavy duty welded Steel Fencing designs are the supreme choice for creating effective barriers. The panels are available in a range of heights up to 3m and in 2.5m or 3.0m wide.

We can also supply fencing panels in a wide range of colours, primed and powder coated to provide protection against the elements and the threat of corrosion.

Better choice for security

This option of steel industrial fencing as a perimeter security boundary, has reclassified the commercial fencing industry. These fences have the strength to meet the level of security stipulated, plus styles that equal the characteristics of a traditional wrought iron fence.

Anti-Climb enhancements

Anti-Climb Fencing is specifically manufactured to prevent intruders from entering the grounds of sports clubs, football ground and other facilities requiring high security. This type of fencing is available with a range of security toppings that can be attached to a large choice of anti-climb fence panels, to provide additional security. We are able to supply anti-climb industrial fencing to keep parks, sports facilities and recreation grounds secure and safe, whatever your security needs.

Our customer service team is available to share their knowledge and to give advice about our Industrial Fencing solutions, or any alternative fencing application that may be required for your development. Siddall and Hilton Products can advise you on current UK regulations regarding the installation of appropriate fencing if required.

Temporary and Permanent Fencing for Horses

Permanent Fencing for Horses

If you are building permanent fencing for your horse enclosure it’s a good idea to buy some temporary fencing too.

Temporary Fencing

Usually there will be areas within an enclosure that you will want to protect your horses from.  These include:

Cenotes – where the ground is prone to collapse, commonly referred to as sinkholes. You can keep prevent horses becoming trapped or injured in these areas with temporary fencing.

Trees – saplings and mature trees can be protected from damage caused by horses

Rocky areas – horses can stumble or get their hooves stuck between rocks. Temporary fencing is ideal for enclosing these areas.

This type of fencing is supplied in rolls so is easy to transport and simple to erect.  It’s not very heavy but the wire from which it is made is extremely strong.  Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to run a mild electric current through it so that the horses don’t lean against it.

If you’re operating grazing on a rotation basis, you can use a temporary fence to cordon off areas where you don’t want your horses to graze.  It’s a cheap and simple method of feeding, diminishes over-grazing and is a great way of maintain pasture ground cover.

Permanent Fencing

There is a range of permanent fencing available for horses and the type you choose will largely depend on budget. However, if you buy the best it works out more economic in the long run since you may never have to replace it.

Anti-climb mesh panels are by far the best solution since permanent fencing for horses always requires that:

  • Horses cannot escape
  • Predators and thieves can’t get in
  • It has all weather protection
  • It can be electrified if necessary

Horse enclosure fences need to be at least 4.5 ft. tall and our anti-climb mesh panels are manufactured in a range of sizes suitable for this application.

Unlike wooden fencing, metal fence panels do not splinter or have protruding nails that can so easily injure horses.

For more information about temporary and permanent fencing solutions for horses contact our expert sales team at Siddall and Hilton Products. They will be able to advise you on the perfect solution for your specific project.

Transformer Protection from Bespoke and Standard Mesh Suppliers

 Bespoke and Standard Mesh Suppliers

As bespoke and standard mesh suppliers our local and global clients use our products in diverse ways, across a broad spectrum of industries.  And as the world become a more dangerous place mesh panel use and security fencing can be found in places where they were not necessary before.

Around the globe there is extreme concern about attacks, both vandalism and terrorism on power stations. Whilst power stations have always had a high degree of protection, transformers have had just basic health and safety protection. Here are some examples:

  1. Transformer Protection

In the United States there is a growing problem with attacks on transformers and power station mainly perpetrated by angry farmers cutting transmission lines. Hunters are also firing at transformers in a bizarre attempt to brag about their shooting prowess.

Whilst energy substations are protected usually by chain link fences and CCTV surveillance this is not a sufficient deterrent, or even an effective one, to stop the vandalism.  Power cuts caused by these destructive acts cause drastic inconvenience to consumers and also have adverse economic consequences.

  1. Terrorist attacks on energy infrastructures

According to EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) renowned US research facility in the US, there were around 2,500 terrorist attacks on the energy infrastructure between 1996 and 2006 and that number is rising.  Globally there have been 500 terrorist attacks on electrical power substations.

  1. Transformer vandalism in South Africa

At Mountain View in Cape Town, South Africa residents are worried about 3 transformers that are sited on streets but have no fencing whatsoever. With children playing close to them it’s not difficult to understand their concern.

However the local authority says that the transformers are safe and complaints have only begun since acts of vandalism have been prevalent in the area. The steel casing around them has been penetrated and residents feel that further protection is needed. As bespoke and standard mesh suppliers our view is that mesh panels, particularly anti-climb ones, would go a long way to solving the problem.

There is serious concern from governments around the world that multiple attacks on power infrastructures across the globe could bring our lives to a halt.

If you would like to know more about our security fencing please contact our sales team. As long established, bespoke and standard mesh suppliers, we have an enviable reputation in the supply of high quality stainless steel mesh solutions.

Using a Professional Industrial Fencing Contractor

Professional Industrial Fencing Contractor

The Benefits of using a Professional Installer for Industrial Fencing

In industry, every business has to prove to be cost effective in all aspects, and commercial premises and plots are no exception. The security of your buildings, warehouses, storage facilities and business units all need to be safe from vandals and the threat of theft. Business establishments want to protect their own interest and avoid illegal trespassing so a fencing system is an integral part of the overall business. You can manage these problems, somewhat, by the planning and installation of Industrial Fencing, usually around the perimeter areas.

Once you have decided to meet the budget and invest a significant amount of money in your fencing products and materials, you will need to ensure that it is installed in a correct and efficient manner. Siddall & Hilton recommend that you use a Qualified and Professional Industrial Fencing Contractor for repairs and installation, since the safety and security of the fence is of the utmost importance.

Choosing the right Industrial Fencing Contractor

An industrial fence is not a temporary project, and as such you need to choose a Contractor that will give you a guarantee for their work. A qualified Industrial Fencing Contractor should offer you peace of mind that the newly installed fence will serve its function for a long period of time, after it has been installed.

The installation and erecting price is also an important factor when making your decision to hire a Fencing Contractor.

  • Find reputable companies in your local area
  • Discuss at length with the company representative for the right design, any necessary planning regulations and any specific type of material to be used
  • Obtain at least 3 written quotations for the work you require
  • If you feel it necessary, obtain references from your chosen Contractors
  •  Find a Contractor that will give you a guarantee for their work
  • Choose a reputable Contractor that offers a competitive price for the installation
  • Ensure that the company you decide to hire has a dedicated project manager. This will make sure the installation runs smoothly, and you will have a main person for point of contact.

Public Liability Insurance

Always ensure that the Contractor you hire for the project has Public Liability Insurance Cover. They should provide a copy of their certificate at the quotation stage, before you engage them to do the work.

Our Customer Service Team at Siddall & Hilton is always on hand to help you with any advice you may require regarding our Industrial Fencing supplies. We can also help with information regarding any regulations that may be required for specific types of fencing.

2 Common Double Wire Electric Fencing Problems

Double wire electric fencing

Double Wire Electric Fencing

Double Wire Electric Fencing is of the most efficient and cost effective barriers around farmland where livestock is kept. In an ever changing world, rapid technological advances make electric fencing projects so much simpler. Nevertheless common problems still exist no matter which type of metal fencing will form the basis for the electrical current. These can be avoided with a little technical knowledge and some common sense.


If the grounding is poor the electric fence will fail. It must complete an unbroken circuit if it is to deliver a shock. The normal installation formula is to position a minimum of three galvanised rods at a depth of 5 ft, 10ft apart.

Good quality ground rod clamps should be used to connect the rods but make sure that the metal you use is identical. For example if you mix copper with steel electrolysis will occur and your connections will rust. This will weaken the shock potential. If the ground bed is smaller than it should be you may notice too high a voltage in the ground rods.

Double wire fencing electric energiser

An energiser which is too small for the type of fencing you are using will not work effectively; resulting in livestock perceiving only a physical barrier rather than a psychological one which will cause pain when attempting to breach. The size of your fencing charger is crucially important if the barrier is to function properly.

So what size do you need?

Primarily consider the type of livestock you have, the quantity of fencing required and whether or not it is to be installed on a concrete base or soil where there’s a lot of vegetation. Between 3,500 and 5,000 volts is usually sufficient to contain most livestock. You’ll need a narrow pulse (low impedance) charger based on joule output. When purchasing an electric energiser (charger), be careful because unlike many things it might not be quite what it says on the box. For example, you might read that the charger will energise 80 kilometres of fence; but you need to make sure that this claim applies to double wire fencing or any other type of fencing you might be installing.

It’s always best to buy an energiser based on joule output and a reputable supplier will be able to advise you on what you need. This information is free so ask questions before committing to a purchase.

For more details about livestock containment fences and double wire electric fencing options call the Siddall and Hilton sales team on +44 (0)1484 401610 who will be happy to share their expert knowledge with you.

Avoid Personal Injury Claims with Commercial Weldmesh Fencing

Weldmesh Fencing

Protection with Commercial Weldmesh Fencing

As Fencing manufacturers our attention was drawn to a recent news story regarding a member of the public in Renfrewshire.

A woman was injured by a corroded steel spike protruding from vandalised council and residential fencing.  Visibility was poor and she just walked into the spike.

Anti-Vandal fence panels

For commercial premises we cannot emphasise enough the importance of high quality fencing that should be professionally installed and maintained regularly.  Strong security fencing can be a little more expensive but some of our products are extremely difficult to penetrate or vandalise without sophisticated cutting equipment.  These include:

  • Anti-Climb
  • D49 Mesh
  • Prison Mesh
  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential mesh panels

Health & Safety Regulations

There are health and safety regulations that apply to certain types of fences in the UK.  You can learn more about these by visiting the Health and Safety Executive website.  Your business must protect the public from your activity and this includes broken and damaged fencing.

Personal injury claims

Personal injury claims for compensation are not unusual when a member of the public is harmed as a result of tripping over or walking into damaged fencing.  So if you want to potentially save thousands of pounds it is always worth considering stronger commercial weldmesh fencing that is difficult to vandalise.

Strong, high quality steel mesh fence panels can be coated to protect against the elements and will last a very long time with minimal maintenance.

Siddall and Hilton commercial weldmesh fencing products are high quality at an affordable price. However, when you purchase fence panels to protect the boundaries of your business premises do use professional fencing contractors to install them.  An amateur job can result in more expense when eventually you have to call in a suitably qualified operative to put the work right.

For more information about our Commercial Weldmesh Fencing  solutions call Siddall ad Hilton on +44 (0) 1484 401610 or complete our contact form  giving us details of your project and we will respond as quickly as possible.  If you are in doubt about the type of fencing you need for a project we are happy to share our knowledge with you and offer expert advice.

How to Choose Security Fencing Companies

Security Fencing Companies

A little research and questioning go a long way when there are so many security fencing companies to choose from.

Whether for a residential house or commercial building having the best security for your needs is important. After all it is a simple human right to feel safe in your home or workplace. Whether you are concerned about keeping dangerous forces out or making sure that pets and children stay within the perimeters of your home, a security fence is an important purchase that deserves thorough consideration. You should be sure that you shortlisted the best security fencing companies for your fencing needs before making the final decision. To be certain, do a bit of research and make sure that they are able to provide everything you need.

Security Fencing Companies – websites and reviews

A good first step can be to look at the website of the company you are considering. Most businesses have a website these days, and if they don’t it can be a serious red flag. If they do, it may have information that highlights their areas of expertise, allowing you to see if this matches your requirements. There may also be other information such as how long they have been in business and what kind of experience the company has. The website may contain a portfolio of work you can view and see if it is what you are looking for. You can do further internet research by looking at review sites to see what their customers think of them.

Call to get more information

It can also be a good idea to call the fencing companies yourself and ask them a few questions about your biggest concerns. Doing an interview like this before engaging their services is not out of the ordinary and can be a big help in making the final decision. This allows you to get information about what materials may be used, how long the project can take, if they offer a warranty, what their full process is like, and anything else you need to know. It is also important for you to be thoroughly prepared. This involves taking accurate measurements of the area and knowing just what kind of security fence you are looking for.

Careful research and preparation is all you need to help you find the perfect fencing contractor from the many security fencing companies available to you. This can result not only in a quality fence, but a business relationship that can last for many years. Now your family or place of business has one reliable source for all of its security fence needs. The right company will be able to sit down with you, listen to your specific concerns and create a security plan that answers them as completely as possible.

To learn more about security fencing contact Siddall & Hilton. Our team will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you and also point you in the right direction to find professional fencing suppliers and installers.

The Best Anti-Climb Mesh Fence Solutions

Anti-Climb Mesh Fence

Types of Anti-Climb Mesh Fence solutions

Many businesses require the utmost, secure, high-quality fencing that is available to prevent intruders accessing their grounds or premises. One of the best options for this purpose is to construct an anti-climb mesh fence. This type of fencing is available in a variety of materials and finishes to ensure that your premises are safe and secure. Throughout the United Kingdom, there are many situations where high security fencing is installed for optimum defence – at airports, government facilities, prisons, military bases and other industrial and commercial premises.

Prison Mesh Anti Climb Fence Panels

Mesh panels are available in heights up to 6096mm and widths to 3658mm; with an option for anti-climb high security 358 Prison Mesh having 0.5” and 3” mesh apertures, making it difficult to obtain a footing or handhold when climbing. It is also resistant to conventional metal cutters. Visibility is still possible through the high density of the wires and this fencing is well suited to most intruder detection systems and electronic alarms. Available in both Galfan® and galvanised wire options, our range of Prison Mesh panels are recommended for use to UK Government standards and requirements. Some of the benefits are:

  • Prison Mesh Anti-Climb Fence panels with welded wire intersections
  • Exceptionally strong
  • Capability to step the panels to adapt to sloping ground
  • Tops of panels can be customised with razor/barbed wire
  • Matching gates available for pedestrian and vehicle access
  • Meet the specifications of CCTV cameras

Bespoke Prison Mesh Anti-Climb Fence Panels

Siddall & Hilton are able to provide customised panels to suit your high security needs. All of our products are manufactured in-house, where our flexible operations allow for production of bespoke designs that are not available from stock.

Razor Barb

Making it impossible to gain access with hands at any point, the barbs are angled on this security razor wire and specifically engineered to provide an intimidating barrier.  The intruder is likely to become entangled, making escape virtually impossible due to the rigidity of the reinforced steel barbs, which will pierce the skin, if access is attempted; manufactured in various lengths and widths to suit your individual requirements.

As International Manufacturers of Anti-Climb Fence Panels, Siddall & Hilton are constantly investigating new and innovative ways to meet the needs of our customers and the fencing contractors who purchase their supplies from us. The best high security fencing for one organisation may not be the same for another.

Please call our Sales Team on 01484 401610 for advice and further information about Anti-Climb Fence Panels. We will be happy to help.



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Industrial Security Fencing Options

Security Fencing Options

Deter and Delay

The overall aim of secure fencing is to deter intruders and allow the property’s security personnel time to react to the situation. The profiles of 358 anti-climb prison mesh and razor barb wire have intimidating profiles with spacing that discourage intruders from attempting to breach the barrier.

Security fencing provides a solution for both extraordinary and everyday situations, acting as a major deterrent to crime. Where previously the problems would be to deter vandalism, robbery and break-ins, these days the threats are more sophisticated with a need to prevent contamination, risk to infrastructure, identity fraud and data theft.

Galfan® and pre-galvanised 358 prison mesh

Prison Mesh Fencing is used for defence in many situations and functions where security is an overriding factor, to protect high secure prisons, hospitals and warehouses. Compatible with most intruder and alarm detection systems, all Prison Mesh Fencing conforms to UK Home Office standards.

We supply anti-climb fence panels in heights up to 6096mm and widths to 3658mm. The 358 Prison Mesh Panels are manufactured in 4mm wire with 0.5inch and 3inch mesh apertures. However, should you have a requirement for a bespoke design, we can help to meet your requirements.

Razor Barb

Produced in both galvanised steel and stainless steel, Razor Barb fencing has razor sharp barb angles.  There is no hard and fast rule regarding the installation of this type of fencing, but installation at a height of 2 metres is normally accepted as prevention from the general public coming into contact with the spikes.

Double or Twin Wire Security Fencing Options

Being the most universally used, industrial type fencing material for border and boundary security double and twin wire systems have many applications. It is a vital access deterrent in industrial and commercial premises, nurseries, universities, colleges, schools; leisure centres and on sports fields. Benefits include the extended life expectancy of the system and its ability and strength to provide a visible and physical deterrent against trespassers.

At Siddall & Hilton we are proud of our reputation as the UK’s largest manufacturer of Industrial and Security Fencing products, operating the world’s fastest and most efficient production line for double wire fencing panels. We are able to meet your requirements from our stock supply at Brighouse, UK. Contact our Sales Team on telephone 01484 401610 where we aim to assist with your requisites for Industrial Security Fencing options.

Welded Mesh Fencing to Suit your Security Needs

Wire Mesh Fencing

As a commercial property owner you will be well aware of how important it is to secure your business premises. Your fencing requirements will usually be security, permanency, durability and of course value for money. It is wise to invest in the most secure type of fencing your company can afford, even if limited by budget. There are several types of fencing that you could choose but invariably it will fall within the welded mesh fencing range. Taking into consideration the type of building or the area you are going to secure and the relative importance of your budget, some high security fencing can be quite expensive per metre run. However, it very much depends on the security level you need.

Permanent Mesh Fencing Panels

Siddall & Hilton’s high security, welded mesh fencing panels are often used in commercial applications, especially as perimeter boundaries and to provide security where required, in agriculture, commercial and industrial use. These are normally manufactured with wire diameters from 3.90mm to 7.50mm as standard, having 200mm x 50mm mesh apertures. We also offer a range of bespoke designs on request.

Double Wire Fence Panels

The installation of these welded mesh fencing panels has the effect of delivering a forbidding appearance which will deter intruders from attempting to discover an easy or safe way to breach the barrier. Available in varying heights up to 3m and with panel widths of either 3.0m or 2.5m. Our Double Wire Fence Panels are very durable and visually appealing with a choice of tops available including rounded top, single or triple pointed.

Number of Posts Required

Obviously the number of posts required to fix your fencing panels has a direct impact on your budget as the greater the number of posts, the more expensive the final cost. If you opt for Double Wire Fence Panels you will need to bolt or rivet them to the posts. If in doubt as to the amount of posts needed call us or seek the advice of a professional installer.

Opt for the best you can afford

Regardless of your budget, the prime importance of your choice is to provide adequate security to your premises. If you invest initially in a robust type of welded mesh fencing, over time you will save money that you might otherwise need to spend on vandalism or wear and tear on the fence. If you opt for a fencing system from the lower price range, you could find yourself replacing the fence in its entirety at a later date, which is not cost effective in the long run.

Guarding your business premises is essential, both from a personal point of view, but also from a liability to others perspective. The success of your business could depend on your choice. Security and budget are the paramount concerns when customers are searching for welded mesh fencing.

For further information on our range of security fencing, please call our highly trained sales team on 01484 401610 to discuss your project requirements.

Razor Barb Fencing Uses and Applications

Razor Barb Fencing

What is Razor Barb Fencing?

Razor Barb Fencing, as the name suggests, is sharp and has such a daunting, formidable appearance that even the most professional burglar won’t attempt to breach it. One of the reasons for this is that the sharp edges of the metal strips woven into this type of fencing will cause severe cuts when an intruder becomes entangled in it. Another reason is that to cut through Razor Barb Fencing requires industrial scale cutting equipment which is difficult to carry around.  Not to be confused with its poor relative, barbed wire; Razor Barb is stronger and much sharper.

Main Applications

Razor barb Fences are almost exclusively used to keep something in or out. They will usually be found protecting border perimeters. Razor Barb topping will often be seen on top of mesh fencing or walls for added security at high security hospitals and prisons; airfield and airport perimeters and increasingly around industrial or commercial premises.

This type of fencing has become more popular in recent years throughout the world. As security fears grow, more Razor Barb Fencing is sold. High walls and mesh fencing alone are no longer sufficient especially since the advent of drones.  A drone can clear any fence or wall so that criminals are able to “case the joint” very easily.  Scaling walls and fences without Razor Barb is relatively simple. If you happen to see a drone hovering over your property, without your permission, a powerful water hose aimed at it should resolve the problem!

However, razor wire is not just a deterrent for humans. Wildlife parks, zoos and farms also use this type of fencing solution to keep livestock in and pests out.

Types of Razor Barb Fencing

There are two main types of Razor Barb Fencing e.g., galvanised or stainless steel.  Of the two, stainless steel is by far the better option because of its rust resistance properties, durability and strength. It’s also aesthetically superior to its galvanised counterpart. In addition the barbs will remain razor sharp.

Galvanised steel is a slightly cheaper alternative but also of inferior quality. The steel is zinc coated and over time this coating for a number of reasons can diminish through scratching or scraping, leaving parts of the metal exposed to the elements. This in turn will lead to corrosion and blunting of the barbs.

The Better Option

It’s clear that anyone considering the installation of this high security fencing has a good reason to do so. It’s a significant investment and clearly, if budget allows, it is advisable to purchase the stainless steel option because it is superior and will last infinitely longer than galvanised steel.

Contact Siddall and Hilton Products to discuss your Razor Barb Fencing project.



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Border Control Security Fencing

 Border Control Security Fencing

With the European Union problems and the sudden and prolific influx of migrants, some governments have (for their own reasons) taken to erecting mile upon mile of Steel Security Fencing to prevent unhindered access to their borders. With no logical strategy being presented to deal with vast numbers of people crossing European borders, some countries have considered Border Control Security Fencing as essential to prevent the undesirable or illegal elements from being a ‘problem’.

Border fencing and steel razor wire

UK Fence Manufacturers and Security Fencing Suppliers, provide a product which is both very effective in securing one side from the other, and is also very quickly erected.  There are a multitude of ‘types’ of fencing, from open mesh, double mesh to anti-climb prison mesh that can be further strengthened with steel razor wire where scaling the security fence might be an issue.

UK Fence Manufacturers can provide any, some or all of the types of steel fencing that might be required for this application in standard sizes, non-standard, bespoke or off the shelf. All are available for speedy and efficient delivery to the point of use.

Strong durable Border Control Security Fencing

Just think of how many miles of fence might be required in order to make a border secure!  Sadly, it seems as though the problem with border security isn’t going to diminish any time soon, so strong and durable steel fencing, has to stand the test of time and be a strong enough deterrent to all but the most determined, and be effective at least enough to severely hamper attempts to put off anyone thinking about breaching it.

Don’t skimp on budget

Naturally, budget plays a part in the type and quality of Border Control Security Fencing, but for border purposes it is false economy to erect security fencing not fit for purpose. Cheap fencing has its uses but one of them is not in border control.

Siddall and Hilton can provide Border Control Security Fencing solutions, in a one stop shop at competitive prices. If you are unsure of the type of fence you need or require further information, call us on +44 (0)1484 401610 when our highly qualified staff will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your project.

Image Credit: Barbed Wire Fence ID: 232260
© Peter Gustafson | Dreamstime Stock Photos

4 Tips for Hiring Industrial Fencing Contractors

Hiring Industrial Fencing Contractors

In industry, every penny counts nowadays so when you have invested a significant amount in state of the art Industrial Fencing you will want to ensure that it is installed correctly. We advise that Professional, Qualified Fencing Contractors are used for installation and repairs since the security and safety of the fence is of paramount importance. Here are some tips on how to choose a reputable fencing contractor: in the UK.

  1. Obtaining a Quotation

No reputable, Industrial Fencing Contractor will give you a quote without a full survey. It’s necessary to look at the site to be fenced taking into consideration the type of ground, site access and measurements of the fence to be installed. Don’t accept an estimate because a professional survey will allow the contractor to produce a firm quotation including the materials, labour and anything else that is required. Make sure you know what is included in the price and ask for dates when the work will commence and when final installation will be completed.

  1. Look at Reviews

Online reviews are one of the best ways to find out how previous customers feel about the a provider so check them out. However, if the fencing company is young it may be that their online reviews are sparse. In this case ask for references from their existing customers and call them. You will want to know how reliable the contractor was and whether the job was completed on time and within budget. Also you will want to know if any problems occurred and if so, how they were resolved.

  1. Public Liability Insurance

Under no circumstances employ the services of Industrial Fencing Contractors who do not have Public Liability Insurance. Usually they will not have to be prompted to show you their policy but make sure you see it before engaging them.

  1. Qualifications

The qualifications required for qualified workers are below. If they have not completed the requisite training levels, don’t entrust your Industrial Fencing installation to them.

Qualification Levels:

  • Fencing Operative – Green FISS/CSC card
  • Trainee Fencer – Red FISS/CSC card
  • Skilled Experienced Fencer – Blue FISS/CSC card
  • Supervisory Level Fencer – Gold FISS/CSC card
  • Management Level Fencer – Black FISS/ CSC card

Contact Siddall and Hilton Products for more information about D49 Industrial Mesh, Security, Anti-Climb and Steel Fencing . Our many years of experience dealing with all forms of fencing projects qualify us to offer advice, which we do for free. So feel free to take advantage of it.


Versatile Welded Wire Products

Welded Wire Products

Siddall and Hilton make Industrial Welded Wire Products for a multitude of Commercial and Industrial applications.  Ranging from D49 Construction Mesh, which is used in the Construction Industry and mainly used as a base for the pouring of concrete, as an aid to stability, anti-shrinkage and containment of the concrete flow and to achieve a uniform thickness.  It is manufactured on world leading precision, automated machinery and resistance welded for precision, uniformity and strength.

Bespoke Welded Wire Products

Whilst Bespoke Welded Wire Products are manufactured for a number of Commercial and Industrial applications some emerge in the art and sculpture world too.  They can be shaped and sculpted into almost any configuration and used as the core structure for any type of larger than life sculpture.  Of course this application does have certain limitations, but only in your mind!

Siddall and Hilton also manufacture and supply other types of Mesh, for instance in the use of Prison Wire and Panels.  This is ideal for Perimeter Fencing, and of course can be used in conjunction with Razor Wire (which we also supply).  These Prison Mesh Panels are extensively used in all types of high security applications, as the wire is extremely difficult to cut with standard wire cutters and is designed to be anti-climb, due to the spacing between the wires.  Again this type of mesh fencing can and is used for other applications too, and can be supplied in various lengths and widths to suit the application.

Gabion Mesh

In addition, Siddall and Hilton supply Gabion Mesh Baskets and Panels.  Typically the application is used in constructed ‘baskets’ which will contain ‘earth’ stones, boulders or other materials. They are used in the construction of supporting earth works, to prevent ‘slip’ or movement and to provide strength and stability.  You have probably seen hundreds of these ‘baskets’ in your everyday life without noticing them, because they can be easily disguised to appear as perfectly benign grassy slopes etc.  Another use is in flood prevention projects.  With the heavy rainfalls we have been beset with in recent years, they have been extensively used in many of the flood prevention projects carried out throughout the world.


photo credit: No go zone via photopin (license)

Why do you need Industrial Metal Fence Panels?

In the cold light of day the choice of industrial metal fence panels comes down to several criteria.  Is it the case you need to keep people / animals / or something else out, or keep them in?  Or perhaps both! There is also the issue of visibility. Do you need to keep prying eyes at bay from the outside?

With solid panels, it’s possible to do all of the above.  However, the security aspect needs to be considered too.  Solid industrial steel fence panels tend to be a bit more expensive than those made of various alloys because they are much stronger and difficult to penetrate, and of course depending upon the corrosion protection will last longer.

Fixing is as important as the fence

Good perimeter fencing is only as strong as its weakest link.  So it stands to reason that industrial steel fence panels, being consistent throughout their length and height don’t have a weak link in themselves. But the method of fixing to the posts (which can also be made from steel) and of course the end panels and how they are placed is equally as important as the fence.  Let’s face it; it’s no good having a strong fence if you can simply walk around the end panel!

The panels can also be complimented with some sort of barbed or razor wire, to prevent climbing over the top which is both a visual  and physical deterrent  Just looking at a solid fence with no gaps and topped with razor wire, is likely to deter even the most determined intruders.

Why the colour of the fence matters

If you are intending to use CCTV to monitor your industrial metal fence panels, consideration should be given to the colour.  We know this might sound a little a little strange but if someone is ‘really’ intent upon breaching your perimeter fence, then should the worst happen, you need them to stand out like a sore thumb.  So the colour contrast between the panel and the intruder needs to be considered.  There isn’t a right or wrong answer, but the question should be posed – is it applicable given the value and or danger of entering the premises uninvited? 


European Borders Protected by High Security Fencing

Prison Mesh Fencing

European countries are currently going to startling lengths to tackle the growing problems of immigration, and cross Border controls.  Border barriers measuring hundreds of miles are being supplied and constructed as the stem of refugees/migrants into the continent reaches uncontainable levels.

In previous years, countries such as Greece and Bulgaria have attempted to stop migrants crossing the border illegally from Turkey into the European Union with the aid of enormous fences. However, in view of recent events, many other countries are stepping up their security fencing requirements.

Hungary is constructing a 100 mile steel fence between itself and Croatia.  Estonia also wants to build a 70 mile barrier with Russia whilst in Africa, Morocco has recently built a 15 foot wall topped with razor wire. Closer to home, Britain has spent in excess of £7 million to construct protective fencing around the Channel Tunnel.

Security Access

One of the first things to do when protecting a defined space is to control access. If access is limited to only a few places, energy and control are focussed more at these points.  A security fence will help to limit the number of access points on these Border barricades.

Naturally cost is always a consideration but anti-climb high security 358 Prison Mesh Fencing is the best category of fencing for the majority of high level security applications, if budget allows.

Approved products

Siddall & Hilton recommend and supply Prison Mesh Fencing and anti-climb high security 358 prison mesh is specified by the UK Home Office, as the best classification of fencing to be used in these high security circumstances.   Available in both pre-galvanised and Galfan® wire finishes, the high density weld and mesh spacing formation provides an anti-climb panel, with excellent through visibility, which is difficult to penetrate using traditional metal cutters.

Prison Mesh panels are available in heights up to 6096mm and widths of up to 3658mm. However, bespoke panels and sizes can be supplied on request.

Industrial Security Fencing

The range of high security, prison mesh fencing supplied by Siddall & Hilton will allow you to have peace of mind whilst providing maximum protection against intruders. Prison mesh fencing panels and other high security fencing products have individual attributes allowing you to choose the correct fencing system for your project.  Used in many applications, from prison security, hospitals, factory units, airports to border control our products will meet the demands of perimeter security, in light of new and escalating threats.

For further information on anti-climb high security 358 prison mesh fencing applications and other secure fencing solutions, click here to Contact us. With many years of experience our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your requirements, and advise you on the best product and application for your project.


Reliable Temporary and Permanent Fencing Solutions

permanent fencing

In agriculture fencing is used in many situations with multiple uses but mainly for livestock control. Nevertheless, no matter how it is used, it takes time and money to purchase and construct so it’s essential that you get the choice right first time. You will have peace of mind if you have the right fence when you’re not at the field location.

Temporary fencing

If the fence is to be moved – daily or weekly it is generally classed as temporary fencing, being very portable, quick and easy to remove.  To eliminate the requirement for large posts, the fence strands are usually electrified and used under minimal tension. Wire netting or welded mesh rolls are the easiest solution for this.

Semi-permanent fencing

This class of fencing is usually used once per season, and will form an interim barrier until a more permanent solution is in place. Can be constructed using stronger posts than temporary type of fencing, with electrified wire netting or welded mesh rolls.

Permanent fencing

This is the type of fencing that land owners will use, for sub-division of their land, boundaries, restraining animals and where use and position is not likely to change. This however, may require a professional installer to complete the project. As mesh fencing suppliers Siddall & Hilton do not provide an installation service, but we are happy to give you recommendations regarding your requirements.

Siddall & Hilton stock a wide range of permanent fencing panels, with custom sizes available to order. Standard mesh apertures are 200mm x 50mm with wire diameters from 3.90mm to 7.50mm. However, should your project require a non-standard design, please contact us to discuss.

Polyester coatings covering galvanised wire will provide long lasting corrosion resistance ensuring longevity of the fence, and can be supplied in a range of colour finishes. With panels available in 3 metre widths, this will reduce installation cost and the number of posts required compared to a 2.5 metre wide equivalent panel. Pressed “V” beams help to increase the rigidity of the panels, which are created with wide and narrow spaced apertures for an appealing design.

Other industrial uses for permanent fencing

There are many uses for reliable permanent fencing. Major utilisations are in the perimeter protection of buildings and to provide barriers and security fencing for prisons, hospitals and military bases. Siddall & Hilton also provide Welded Mesh fencing for use in Zoos, Nature Reserves and Wildlife Parks for definition and animal enclosures.

Our customer services team are always happy to help with any advice you may require regarding permanent fencing supplies.  With our extensive knowledge and experience of a large range of products, we will ensure that you receive the best value for money for your fencing solution. We can also give you advice regarding any regulations that may be necessary for specific types of fencing.

Razor Barbed Wire Fencing around the World

Razor Barbed Wire Fence

Razor barbed wire fencing has long been an effective deterrent for vandals, burglars and other unwanted intruders. It’s mainly used around the perimeters of high security, commercial and industrial environments. However there is a developing trend to protect borders between countries around the world and most recently in Europe.

Hungary barbed razor wire fence

In a struggle to cope with thousands of migrants, the Hungarian government has installed 175 kilometres of razor barbed wire fencing along Hungary’s Serbian border.

Spain razor barbed wire security fencing

The fence on the border of Morocco and Spanish owned Melilla has existed since 2005 but was renewed with barbed razor wire in 2013 to prevent migrants crossing.

Kashmir, India

If there was an award for which country has the most razor and barbed wire it would probably go to Kashmir which continually calls for independence.  This type of barricade can be found almost everywhere and was installed by India’s military in an attempt to supress militants.

Unfortunately this is an example of how things can go badly wrong when such fencing is not professionally installed.  Kashmir’s airport, official buildings, government offices and railway and bus stations all have an armed police presence with miles of razor barb protection.

Razor barb can be found across roads, protecting bunkers in market places, military camps and in public places such as parks and town squares. Barbed wire can even be seen wrapped around trees, a measure designed to stop large groups of people gathering together.

Flooding and constant snagging on the badly installed razor barb has caused some of it to be detached and dispersed in areas where it is a danger to the public, including small children.

Quality and professional installation

In a recent post on our blog regarding security fencing at Calais we concluded that spending millions on a fence was a complete waste of money unless it was fit for purpose and professionally installed.

The above examples also fall short in their efficiency since there are many reports of these fences being penetrated. Usually an intruder would need industrial cutting equipment to breach a double razor barbed wire barrier, clearly demonstrating that these installations are not professional; and the possibility that the product is not of sufficient quality for its purpose.

The use of razor barb is controversial, particularly when used along borders but if the idea is for the fence to be a deterrent it is imperative that high quality razor wire is used and professionally installed by experts. If not, there is no point in having it.



Image  – Nan Palmero

The Many Uses of Industrial Mesh

Security Cage - industrial Mesh


Industrial Mesh is available from Siddall & Hilton Products sheet form, panels and rolls, several diameters and a varied range of coatings.  It can be applied for many uses globally, with differing installation methods.  These include but are not limited to:

Agriculture, animal enclosures and grain storage

In farming, Industrial Welded Mesh is used for the construction of rearing cages, feed rack systems and storage of animal feed and grain.  Also found in smaller agricultural and domestic animal applications in the manufacture of kennels, aviary and other protective enclosures.

Security cages and safety guards

Used in industrial workplaces such as factories and warehouses, it can be utilised for machinery guards, shop fittings and as security window grilles.  In warehouse situations, Industrial Welded Mesh is useful for racking and storage systems.

Construction, transportation and civil engineering

In these trades, Industrial Welded Mesh has a multitude of applications. It is used in the application of walkways, balustrades and cladding.  Our popular D49 construction mesh is widely known for its screed reinforcement properties.  It reduces shrinkage in curbing, enhances the strength of the concrete screed and prevents cracks forming.

Gabion baskets and prevention of rock fall

Gabion retaining baskets manufactured from are a much more reliable solution when used on retaining walls, than concrete, which may be prone to failure and cracking.  These baskets when filled with stone are a more aesthetic solution than concrete.

There are many opportunities to use gabion in diverse situations, such as bridge abutments, landscape gardening for soil retaining walls, channel linings and gulley construction. Galvanised standard mesh is also widely used in the landscape gardening industry.

Security fencing

For many types of fencing, preventative, high security, to establish boundaries and in some instances school sports area fencing, there is a wide choice of heights and grades suitable for uses around industrial units, prisons, warehouses and schools. Due to the diversity of style and durability, these mesh panels are a deterrent to any intruder. Bespoke mesh panels can also be designed and manufactured to match specific projects.

Aggregate Screening

A series of varying sizes of Industrial mesh employed in the quarry and processing plants to filter through the differing sizes of stones, after initial blasting of rocks, then through processes to determine final choice of finished stone product size. Other materials that can be screened through a similar process include sand, gravel, topsoil, coal and cement.

With its extensive use across many varied industries, Industrial Mesh will provide a cost effective solution whatever your application needs.  We have welded mesh products to create an inspired solution to your everyday requirements.

At Siddall & Hilton we are here to discuss your requests and assist you with your choices, whether your needs are for security reasons, construction, agriculture or any related industry we can provide solutions.

Call today for a quote and our competitive prices.  Use our Quick Contact Form or telephone us on +44 (0) 1484 401610


Image by Ravenshoe Group

Does Calais have the Wrong Type of Security Fencing?

Whatever the political issues or rights and wrongs of the security problems in Calais, one thing is clear. The fencing that has been erected is not adequate for its intended purpose. There are many types of security fencing and the choice you make directly relates to the level of security or safety required.

Naturally cost is always a consideration but purchasing fencing that is inadequate can lead to more than double the expense when it has to be replaced with the correct product for the job.

Prison Mesh

Where there is a need to prevent people entering or leaving an area by far the best solution is high security, anti-climb 358 prison mesh manufactured from Galfan® or pre galvanised wire.  The Home Office in the UK specifies the use of this fencing for secure hospitals, high security prisons and other high profile applications.

The configuration of spacing and high density welding in the mesh makes these anti-climb panels extremely difficult to grip with the hands and feet or to breach without industrial type cutters.

Visibility is not impaired irrespective of the wire density and these fencing panels can easily accommodate security accessories such as intruder detection and alarm systems.

Normally manufactured in panels that are up to 6096mm high and 3658mm wide, these sizes tend to match most high security applications but can be uniquely designed for special projects.

Razor Barb

For further security, a razor barb topping can be added, supplied in stainless or galvanised steel.  Razor sharp barbs angled at regular intervals create a further challenging barrier making it virtually impossible to grip anywhere along the length.

Using the budget wisely

The security fencing at Calais clearly demonstrates how, even if you have millions of pounds in a budget for fences; if you spend it on the wrong type it will in the long run cost more. Professional fencing contractors are acutely aware of how important it is to make the best use of their customers’ budgets so perhaps some of them may feel inclined to share their knowledge with the French authorities.

For further information on high security fencing applications and solutions Contact us. With many decades of experience our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your project with you free of charge.

358 Prison Mesh to Keep Foxes Out


Keep foxes out with 358 Prison MeshFox hunting results in heated debate in the UK whenever the topic arises and since the vote on an amendment of the Hunting Act was withdrawn last week we thought we’d look at alternatives. The main issue is clearly the protection of livestock so is there anything that can be done to effectively prevent foxes from gaining access to the animals?

Many farmers and smallholders report that foxes can dig under fencing and find innovate ways to get over or through it. However, there is some fencing that is virtually impenetrable and it’s used in high security prisons not only in the UK but all over the world.

Long lasting security fencing

Our 358 prison mesh in Galfan wire (which doesn’t need powder coating) is 2.5 metres wide and manufactured in various heights from 1270mm to 5200mm. It can be sunk into the ground at any desired depth with prison specification being 300mm below ground set in concrete.  This security fencing is also anti-climb and would be impossible for a fox to penetrate (even with a pair of conventional wire cutters).  Although Galfan wire is dense in this type of mesh fencing it doesn’t impair visibility and can be electrified if required.

358 Prison mesh might not be the first thing people think of to keep foxes out but it is certainly worth consideration, whether as a boundary fence around a large farm, smallholding or to protect enclosures where farm animals are kept. With minimal maintenance this Security Fencing can last a lifetime.  It can also be used in gardens where people keep chickens.

Fence topping

A good protective fence should be at least 1828.8mm (6ft) high and if you don’t  propose electrifying it, a fence topping sloping outwards will provide even better security should the fox, by some remote stretch of the imagination be able to climb the fence.

Prison mesh fencing is not the cheapest but it is a durable and long lasting investment which will pay dividends if you have a regular problem with foxes killing livestock.

For more information about fencing options for security applications please Contact us. We have a wealth of knowledge to help you decide on which of our products will best suit your specific project.

Multi-purpose Welded Wire Mesh Fence Products

Talk to most people about a fence and they will imagine something which identifies and secures an area of a garden or perhaps isolates a farmer’s field from the highway.  It´s a fact that fences do secure perimeters but in this world of ours there are millions of miles of fencing some keep animals out and others are designed to keep people out. Once erected fences need to be durable and give years of reliable service.

A welded wire mesh fence is manufactured by welding steel wire strands together to create a strong, barrier that is difficult to penetrate. This type of fence is the most popular in use as a high security barrier where it is essential, or there is a desire to be able to see through the fence.

Types and finishes

Fence finishes can be in virtually anything from zinc coated, sprayed and painted to powder coated. Where rust is not acceptable stainless steel plays an important role in wire mesh fencing.

The type of fence determines the thickness of wire required which is typically from 2mm – 8mm. The horizontal wire pitch is the distance between two horizontal wire strands and is typically 12.2 – 200mm. The vertical wire pitch is the distance between two vertical wire strands, typically 10mm to 76.2mm.


The list of uses for Wire Mesh Fence products can be put is virtually limitless but major uses are:-

  • Perimeter protection of buildings, such as bonded warehouses
  • Barriers around offices and public buildings where visibility is necessary
  • Residential garden and estate fencing
  • Security fencing for hospitals, prisons and military bases
  • Border control between countries
  • Barriers for zoos, nature reserves and wildlife parks
  • Agricultural perimeter definition and animal enclosures

In 2014, the Nato summit held at Celtic Manor in Newport was protected by the erection of a nine foot wire fence that was 12 miles long to make a ring of impenetrable steel. After its use had been served it was given to the French in Calais in an attempt to help them stop illegal immigrants reaching Britain.
Dingo Fence







However, don´t be too impressed with a 12 mile fence because the longest fences in the world are:-

  • The Dingo Fence of south-east Australia, 5,614 km (3,488 mi) finished in 1885
  • The Rabbit-proof fence of Western Australia, 3,253 km (2,021 mi), completed in 1907.

Such is the fascination of some people for fences they have even written books about them, an example being: ‘The longest fence in the world’ – a book by F.H. Broomhall

Humane mole control with wire mesh fencing


Many people have never seen a mole, just the evidence of it, with piles of earth ruining a perfect lawn, playing field or golf course which we refer to as mole hills. Moles, if you do manage to catch sight of them, are rather cute little creatures. Contrary to common belief they are not rodents but wild mammals that pose no health threat to humans. However, for farmers and landscape gardeners they cause devastation in a number of ways and therefore need to be controlled.

Gardens and playing fields

Spending their lives underground, searching for earthworms and insects, just one mole can dig out more than 5 metres of tunnel in just 1 hour. Considering that they create their tunnel networks for around 4 to 5 hours per day, and several can be working together during the day and night; it’s possible for them to excavate some 70 metres in 24 hours. For landscape gardeners this is not just a nightmare of unsightliness on lawns but the tunnels can cause paths, driveways and flower beds to sink. Over time a perfectly level lawn will begin to undulate. Naturally the time taken to cause extensive damage depends on factors such as the time of year and the quality of soil.

Damage to Farms

For farmers the problems are much the same but have more consequences. Mole hills in pastures reduce the amount of grazing available for livestock because the discarded earth covers grass. In addition cattle can be exposed to Listeria, bacteria which is soil borne.

An extensive tunnel system can make the ground uneven which means that animals may be injured, especially horses. In addition crops can be adversely affected when roots of young plants are damaged by the moles’ industriousness.

Methods of mole control include:

  • Poison
  • Traps
  • Plant deterrents
  • Wire mesh fencing

As applies to most problems, prevention is better than cure, and there are two highly effective ways of preventing moles from wanting to tunnel through land, without the need for traps or poison. The first is installing wire mesh fencing around the area that needs to be protected. The openings of the mesh should not exceed 1.27 centimetres and since moles are master excavators, the fencing should be set at a minimum of 47 centimetres below ground level. The type of wire mesh must be vinyl coated or galvanised steel to avoid rusting.

Plant deterrents

At the same time as fencing is installed, certain types of bulbs can be planted notably yellow crown imperials which apparently have an odour similar to the scent of foxes. Moles don’t like them at all. There are other bulbs such as daffodils, flowering onions and garlic which have proven to be deterrents. Consulting a good horticulturalist or researching online should yield a number of results for both ornamental and practical plants that will keep moles away.

Traps and poison may be necessary to resolve an existing problem but the use of poison can affect other animals that may feed on moles so it’s always best to avoid it if possible.



Welded wire mesh protects wild and domestic animals

Welded wire mesh protects wild and domestic animals

The deterioration of animal habitats and hunters around the world still threatening the survival of rare species of wild animals, such as tigers, wild life parks play an important role in their survival. Zoos also play a part in breeding and preservation.

Essential for the protection of wild animals and humans is the barrier that exists between them in zoo and wildlife park environments. This barrier has to be able to withstand the strength of large animals charging or pushing against it and quite often we see trenches between the fencing and the enclosure or double fencing for extra protection.

Strong, long lasting and rust resistant

Stainless steel welded wire mesh is the fencing of choice internationally for wildlife preservation areas or safari parks because it is strong, long lasting and rust resistant. It can also be built to any height that is required which makes it difficult for animals to climb or jump over, as well as being a deterrent to poachers and predators.

Stainless steel fencing and enclosure products

Welded wire mesh is just one of many fencing and enclosure products used in the protection and rearing of wild and domestic animals. Chain link, stainless steel rope mesh, chicken wire mesh and aviary mesh, among many other stainless steel fencing products, are all extensively used for enclosures depending on the type of animal or bird being contained.

These products are manufactured with varying sized apertures to service the containment of small, medium and large animals or birds. They are also made in a variety of colours to blend in with the surrounding landscape making them almost invisible from a distance.

If you have a project that involves the protection and containment of animals, wild or domestic, we are able to advise you about the best enclosure solutions available. We have a range of welded wire mesh products to match any project at affordable, competitive prices.

In all cases, we suggest that you use a professional fencing contractor to install the product of your choice since it is important to get the job right; not only for health and safety reasons but also from an expense perspective. An amateur installation almost always leads to a professional having to be called in to correct the work.



Security Fencing to Protect Your Workplace

Security Fencing to Protect your Workplace

Mention security in the workplace to a business owner and it’s more than likely that he or she will immediately think about their website being hacked or someone stealing their intellectual property. Whilst they are absolutely right to be concerned about those things it’s also important to pay attention to external Security Fencing to protect buildings from intruders and thieves.

The first line of defence for most business premises is the perimeter of the property and usually this would come in the form of Security Fencing or walls with some form of barbed topping depending on the level of security required. Sometimes it’s not necessary to fence the whole of a perimeter because occasionally there are natural defences such as cliffs, mountains or rivers among others.

The asics of Security Fencing

It’s important to understand that security fences don’t just work as physical barriers, they also work psychologically. Clearly a physical barrier will prevent intruders from gaining access but in some ways the psychological component is just as effective in keeping people out, if not more so. The appearance of professionally installed Security Fencing lets people know that they do not have access to the property without the owner’s permission. And for potential intruders who seek to cause damage to the property or steal from it, they may move on rather than have the difficulty of trying to break the fence or get over it. This is especially true with professional burglars since they are aware of the anti-climb properties of some secure fencing such as 358 prison mesh, anti-climb high security 358 prison mesh and other forms of welded mesh fencing.

If your business deals in plant and machinery, car parts, construction materials, mobile phones or other expensive electronic products, drugs or jewellery; and you carry high levels of stock, thieves will be drawn to it. These are just a few examples of vulnerable businesses and there are of course many, many others.

In securing your perimeter you should consider fencing that is at least 7ft high and depending on the value of stock a top guard of security barb should be attached which will add another foot. No professional burglar would consider climbing this type of fence.


You wouldn’t let a cowboy build your commercial premises so don’t allow an amateur to install your security fences. You’ll end up doubling your costs if the fencing is not installed correctly. A Fencing Contractor who belongs to the FCA (Fencing Contractors Association) is professionally qualified and will often guarantee the work.

Intrusion detection technology

You should always assume that if thieves really want something you have, they will make every possible attempt to get it. Hence, you should also consider security accessories for your fencing such as CCTV, motion detectors, alarms, passive infrared etc. An experienced Security Fencing installer will be able to suggest the best intrusion detection technology for the type of fence you choose.

Nowadays secure perimeter fencing is attractive, available in a range of colours and won’t make your business premises look like a prison, but it will make them as safe and secure.

Give us a call or Contact us to find out more about Security Fencing to protect your Workplace.

Safety is more important than image with security fencing

A recent terrorist attack at Ballycastle Police Station in County Antrim, Northern Ireland highlighted the dangers of removing additional security fencing around buildings where high security might be deemed to be a necessity rather than an option.

The police station, which is surrounded by walls had, up until 2014, high security fencing topping them but following a recommendation in the 1999 Patton Report, this additional security measure was removed in order to give police stations a softer image. This month an incendiary bomb was hurled over a wall leading to a controlled explosion having to be carried out within the grounds of the police station.

Don’t make life easier for terrorists

Had the security topping not been removed it is highly unlikely this attack would have been possible, or been as easy to effect, given the height of the walls and fence topping. If the bomb had detonated it would have caused at the very least severe damage if not total devastation.

During the Irish conflict all police stations in Northern Ireland had additional metal security fencing attached to the top of gates and walls so that the sheer height was sufficient to deter bombs being thrown over them. Whilst the original reason for installing this is now much less of a risk there are new terror threats arising all over Europe. This particular attack only serves to highlight how very important it is for high security sites to evaluate all risks not just in the present but also the risk potential of the future. Taking a soft approach might be good for the image of the police force but as can be seen, a relaxation of security measures is probably not the best way to achieve it, when there is the potential for bombers to exploit any weakness.

Sophisticated fencing solutions

Siddall and Hilton have an extensive range of metal security fences to match any security need, including security toppings. Our team of expert consultants can advise security companies and fence installers of the best products to match any project. We offer a comprehensive range of highly sophisticated fencing solutions so give us a call today; our advice is free.

The Benefits of Steel Fencing

security fence3

There is currently no other fence material available that has the strength of steel fencing, not to mention that joins are usually welded and not screwed together which adds to its durability.

Whilst steel is prone to rust, particularly if it comes into contact with salt water, galvanising the fence with zinc will stop corrosion so it is well worth the extra cost of doing this.

Steel fencing can be heavy or light depending on the purpose you want to use it for. For example, tubular steel fences are much lighter but still maintain their strength. No matter which type you need there is now an almost infinite range of styles and colours to choose from.

When galvanised, the fencing requires very little maintenance but when it finally reaches the end of its life it can be recycled so you are lowering your carbon footprint by installing it.

Fencing for almost any application

This type of fencing can be used for a number of applications such as children’s playgrounds, schools and colleges, pet enclosures including those at zoos for wild animals, security perimeters and many more.

Steel is the material of choice for many security applications including prisons, military bases and other areas that require a high level of security. Technology in fencing now makes steel fencing difficult to breach or cut through hence its daunting appearance is usually sufficient to deter even the most daring of intruders.

Installation costs

The cost of installation is directly related to how high you want the fence to be, the size of the perimeter, the amount of fence posts, the number of access points and any accessories you might want to add such as alarms, security cameras or possible a barbed wire topping to mention just a few.

You can cut the cost of installation if you install the fence yourself but sometimes this can be false economy if you have no experience. The money you save on labour might well be usurped by the money you will have to spend on a professional installer if you get the job wrong.

Free advice

For further advice about steel fencing our customer services team are always happy to share our knowledge and experience on a diverse range of projects and applications to which our products have been put. We want you to get the best value for money out of any fencing solution and sometimes you might not be aware of all the options available for your specific application. Our advice is free so do take advantage of it, if you are unsure as to what you require. We can also advise on regulations regarding certain types of fencing of which you may not be aware.



Can you afford not to install security fencing?

security fencing

Security fencing has become an automatic choice in today’s world to protect commercial and industrial premises. It is an effective solution to prevent unwanted intrusion onto any premises whether the intrusion is from vandals, active theft or sabotage.

There are several types of security fencing and it is recommended that you take professional advice on the type of fencing which most matches your company’s requirements. Secure perimeter fences are normally made from steel and styles range from upright bars and railings to welded mesh security panels and stock fencing. Together with the fencing there will also be a need to choose security gates; these also vary enormously and include traditional opening gates, sliding gates, barriers and barricades. The installation needs to be erected by a professional fencing contractor and it’s important to make sure that fencing and erection of it is guaranteed by the company providing it.

 Temporary or permanent

The fencing can be fixed or portable depending on requirements. Last year when the Nato Summit was held in Newport, Wales top security fencing was used with secure gates and despite the scale of the work, the installation was quickly achieved as was the removal of it after the Summit

Some companies need additional security accessories such as electric fencing. However it is important to comply with laws and regulations regarding these types of fences because although permitted, there are strict laws in the UK about signs, positioning, height etc.

Save money on insurance and manpower

Whilst at first glance security fencing may seem expensive, it can save companies millions of pounds in theft and reduce the cost of insurance. The fencing can replace security guards, which again is a saving for the company concerned. In some instances where guards have suffered from attacks by vandals, thieves or serious criminals, steel fencing is often a safer alternative to manpower.

For those concerned about the reliability and appearance of perimeter fencing, in today’s world it has become sophisticated and inoffensive. When a company, based in a residential area, installs this type of fencing it can be discreet and yet reassuring to locals who may worry about local break-ins or vandals when their houses are near to commercial or industrial premises. Steel fencing comes in all sorts of different colours and can blend in well with the environment.

In short secure steel fences do a fantastic job whichever industry or purpose you want or need them for.

The Modern Barbed Wire Fence for Agricultural Use

In the United States modern Barbed Wire Fence Technology is used to enclose cattle as standard. In the United Kingdom some farmers choose Barbed Wire Fencing as a practical solution to contain livestock. The wire is attached between strainer posts, pulled taut and then affixed to either existing or new steel or wooden fence posts, sometimes with battens in between.

Steel post spacing

Where the terrain is undulating with hills a farmer would normally place steel posts around 2.7 metres apart whereas on flat land the gaps between posts might be as much as 46 metres depending on the type and amount of livestock to be contained inside the barbed wire fence.

Wooden post spacing

If wooden posts are to be used, the gaps between them would normally be a maximum of 10 metres no matter the type of terrain using up to 5 battens to each gap, but many farmers prefer the space between posts to be not more than 1.8 metres since battens are prone to bending, which results in the wires becoming slack and the wires closing in on each other.

High tensile- v- mild/soft steel

The two most common Barbed Wire Fence for Agricultural purposes are high tensile or mild/soft steel. Both these products are galvanized for durability and longevity but it’s generally agreed that high tensile wire, despite being thinner, is by far the best choice. This is because the steel used in production is of higher strength making the barbed wire resistant to stretching and becoming loose. High tensile wire handles contraction and expansion well in all temperatures and copes better with the pressure of animals that relax against the barbed wire fence preventing stretching. The fence lasts considerably longer than other forms of agricultural containment fencing. Longer spans can be achieved with high tensile wire but this type of barbed wire fence should always be installed by a professional Fencing Contractor due to its elasticity. In the wrong hands this wire can be highly dangerous so to avoid accidents always use an experienced professional. Whilst mild/soft wire is simpler to work with it is not as strong and cannot accommodate long spans. It also has a shorter lifespan and is best used for repairs or on gates where it is less likely to become entangled.

How many wires?

In fertile areas where there is a high soil content and dairy herds need to be contained the barbed wire fence should be constructed with 5 to 7 wires. For sheep it Is recommend that 7 wires are used but the 2nd wire from the bottom to the 5th should be plain wire so that sheepdogs can gain access.

If you have a project where you need to install a Barbed Wire Fence for Agricultural purposes do give us a call. Siddall and Hilton Products are happy to discuss the various options available to you with no obligation.


Invest in the Right Type of Industrial Fencing

Selecting the right type of industrial fencing for the perimeter of your site is most likely going to be defined by budget and the level of security you require. Most companies also want the type of industrial fencing that will be long lasting with minimal maintenance so here are a few tips to assist you in the decision making process.

Invariably secure, industrial fencing is more expensive per metre and can make a big hole in your budget before you have even thought about the installation of it. However, depending on the areas you want to protect you might want to take a close look at welded mesh panels with their anti-climb properties. These panels are a highly popular choice for securing industrial premises because they are durable, low maintenance and affordable.

Palisade fencing

Palisade fencing provides additional security when a medium level of security is required. Choosing this for your industrial fencing needs is a great idea due to its D shaped heads which makes it difficult for anyone trying to get over the top of it; and its appearance is usually enough to stop intruders even trying. This type of fencing can often be seen around retail and recreational parks.

Posts make a huge difference to the price

In the installation of industrial fencing, as indeed with any other type, the amount of posts required will impact adversely on the budget. The fencing will be more expensive if you need a lot of posts. However, if you are upgrading an existing fence it is sometimes possible for a professional fencing installer to incorporate them into your new industrial fencing system using rolls of welded mesh. But if you don’t have an existing fence your best option is to choose 3 metre width welded mesh panels to cut down on the amount of posts needed to secure the fence.

Robust industrial fencing

Irrespective of budget, it’s vital that you don’t waste your budget on industrial fencing that won’t stand the test of time. Cheap, sub-standard fencing is false economy if you have to replace or repair it frequently. In the long term you will end up paying double the price so invest in the most robust fencing you can afford.

At Siddall & Hilton we have a comprehensive range of affordable Industrial Fencing Solutions and many years of experience in the manufacture of all types of security fencing so why not give us a call to discuss your industrial fencing project.


Steel Fencing Contributes to the Green Economy

There is virtually no aspect of our lives that doesn’t include steel, a metal that is used in the construction of our homes, in many methods of transport and in the production of energy. Our Infrastructure depends on steel and has done so since the middle of the 19th century when our current method of steel production was born. If you look around you, in restaurants, shops, cinemas, hospitals, dental surgeries and anywhere else you visit, you will be hard pushed not to notice some steel somewhere. Outside these buildings you will invariably see steel fencing in one form or another.

Steel can be recycled endlessly

Sustainable steel is at the core of the green economy and at Siddall and Hilton we are as concerned about lowering our own carbon footprint as we are about yours. Steel is infinitely recyclable making it extremely environmentally friendly. The chances are that much of the brand new steel fencing you see around and about has been made from recycled steel. Steel will never lose its strength no matter how many times it is recycled.

Since the early 20th century a huge amount of steel has been recycled; more than 20 billion tons in fact. The recycled material is not only used to make steel fencing but also for innumerable products and by products which is of great benefit to the green economy. These products save money and provide work across a whole range of industries.

Steel helps preserve natural resources

The earth’s natural resources are diminishing so the use of environmentally friendly steel fencing for the perimeter of your home or business premises helps to preserve them. Steel contributes in so many ways to a more profitable and efficient green economy including:

  • Steel fencing can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance but if you need to replace it at any time your old steel fencing can be recycled.
  • Steel is used in the manufacture of wind turbines and dams to produce renewable energy
  • New houses are now safer and healthier with the use of steel in construction
  • Steel makes buildings stronger and therefore more energy efficient

Anyone using steel in manufacturing or construction will lower their carbon footprint even on the transport of it, because being lighter than other metals that have been traditionally used in these industries, less fuel will be used in the delivery.

If you are considering fencing for the perimeter of your commercial site or home, choose steel fencing. It is strong, durable and highly cost effective. You will not only lower your own carbon footprint but also contribute to the growing green economy.

Razor Barb Fencing and Its Uses

Razor Barb fencing is possibly the most effective deterrent to criminals who are thinking about scaling your fence. Its uninviting, hostile appearance is usually sufficient to put off the average professional burglar who may have experienced the sharp barbs tearing at clothes and skin. In most cases just one look at it and burglars move on to easier pickings.

With the appearance of barbed wire, razor barb has the advantage of being much stronger and sharper so an intruder who has the stupidity to attempt to get over it will find it really isn’t worth the complication of trying to cut through it, whilst becoming entangled in it, not to mention the potential injury it can cause. As intruder deterrents go, there’s little to match the security of Razor Barb fencing.

High security solutions

Razor Barb is usually used to top the fencing in areas where high security is necessary including prisons, airports, military bases and commercial premises where expensive plant and machinery or other valuables are stored. In terms of prisons it is obviously used mainly to prevent the escape of prisoners as opposed to stopping intruders getting in.

Residential and Farming

This type of fencing is not suitable for the segregation of livestock on farms because of the injuries that can be sustained if animals brush against it.

Whilst there may be special reasons why someone might want to use Razor Barb fencing around the perimeter of a residential property, it’s not recommended since you may run into complications with the Highway Authority (Highways Act 1980 – Section 164) related to injurious toppings.

Among the Highway Authority’s many duties, one of them is to ensure that public highways are safe to use by the general public. Residential fences are usually lower than those surrounding high security areas and if there is any danger that a person, walking along a public footpath, could be injured by the Razor Barb you may be served with a notice to remove it within a designated period of time. This applies to not only Razor Barb but also ordinary barbed wire, indeed any fence topping that has spiked or jagged projections.

Installation of Razor Barb Fencing

For professional fencing contractors the installation of Razor Barb topping to a fence is relatively simple. It is not recommended that the installation is done by anyone who is not experienced in handling razor barb since the possibility of injury is quite high.

Bear in mind that any fence that exceeds 2.4 metres in height will require planning permission in the UK. Razor Barb should not be used on fences or walls that fall short of this height since it will be considered dangerous by the local and highway authorities. You will also be required to place clearly visible warning signs drawing attention to the dangers of the Razor Barb fencing. These notices are necessary not only to warn potential intruders (Occupiers’ Liability Act 1984) but also normal visitors to the premises (Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957).

Give Siddall and Hilton Products a call to discuss your requirements for a Razor Barb Fence.


Fencing that suits your Security Needs

By far the best way to acquire fencing that suits your security needs is to seek advice from either an expert in security or a security fencing contractor. Preventing access to your commercial premises or residential home for security purpose has unfortunately become a necessity rather than a choice. However, selecting a particular type of security fencing can be difficult unless you know what is available and which type is likely to offer the level or protection that matches your requirements.

Security consultants and fencing contractors will assess your specific security needs and are likely to offer the following types of fencing:

  1. Welded Mesh Fencing

Welded mesh fencing is commonly used throughout Europe because of its durability and resistance to vandalism. Because it is possible to incorporate close sections within this type of fencing it is almost impossible for people to climb over it and is equally as difficult to cut. Whilst the fence may resemble standard wire mesh which is used for less expensive security solutions, it is actually link welded so if a prospective burglar wanted to break through it would be necessary to individually cut each point in the fence to gain access. If you have very valuable plant and equipment on site, the extra expense is well worth the investment when matched against increased insurance premiums and downtime incurred by such a loss.

  1. Chain Link Fencing

This type of security fencing is the most common and is used in virtually every industry sector where security risks are designated medium or low. Usually chosen demarcation purposes of secure areas, it’s not a particularly reliable defence against intruders since it takes little effort to cut through or climb.

  1. Barbed Wire

The sharp, hazardous barbs on barbed wire topping a wire fence are usually sufficient to deter intruders since getting over barbed wire, even if the fence has been climbed, will cause tears to clothing and possibly cuts and scratches. Barbed wire is not expensive and therefore provides and affordable security solution if you are on a low budget. It’s also useful on farms where it prevents cattle from going into areas you don’t want them to.

  1. Razor Wire

Also known as barbed tape, razor wire is infinitely more dangerous than barbed wire and it would take a very courageous intruder to attempt to breach a fence topped with it. A determined burglar might think about risking it but the time factor involved in cutting through it not to mention the time involved in avoiding injury is usually sufficient dismiss the thought and move on to easier pickings.

The choice is yours but make sure you know exactly what your security needs are before spending money on what could be a less than perfect solution. Advice from security consultants and fencing contractors is usually free but could be invaluable to you.


2 Types of Industrial Welded Mesh

The versatility of Industrial Welded Mesh is virtually limitless and it is used in a wide variety of industrial applications including within the security and construction sectors. We will discuss 2 types of industrial welded mesh below. But first, here are just a few of the areas where industrial welded mesh can be used:

  • Security for window grilles
  • Machinery guards
  • Racking in warehouses
  • Attaching to garden walls for creepers and plants
  • Aviaries
  • Protective enclosures for animals
  • Architectural mesh applications including cladding, walkways and balustrading
  • Security fencing

Industrial welded mesh is also widely used in construction and civil engineering for strengthening floors, protecting pipes and preventing cracks from occurring or becoming larger.


Here are 2 types of industrial welded mesh:


Gabion Industrial Welded Mesh

This versatile, highly corrosion resistant product can also be used for a diverse range of purposes including reinforcement of land where soil retention is necessary, barriers in Military Defence; river, coast and flood protection, acoustic barriers and for features on garden walls. Our industrial welded mesh for these purposes is called Gabion and we manufacture a huge range of these panels (typical mesh aperture is 3″ / 76.2mm).We also offer bespoke Gabion mesh panels on request.

Industrial Welded Mesh Security Fencing

The danger of a terrorist attack on your commercial site is directly related to the country in which it is situated. If you are in the UK terrorist threats fall into the following categories:

  • Red – Critical
  • Pink – Severe
  • Yellow – Substantial
  • Blue – Moderate
  • Green – Low

The current status of terrorist threat in the UK is “Substantial” but no matter which category level applies it’s imperative that the perimeter of a commercial site is adequately protected.  A fence is always the first line of defence against any threat whether low or high.

Industrial welded mesh fencing is an intelligent fencing system much used in the security industry. This is because it creates a robust barrier and there are no weaknesses that potential intruders can exploit. Industrial welded mesh fences are often equipped with technology that will alert a control centre of any attempted breach.

Reputable Manufacturers

If you are looking for a supplier of industrial welded mesh for any purpose, as manufacturers our products are second to none in the industry. Using the highest quality European steel wire available on the market today our products meet all relevant British Safety Standards regulations.

As long established and reputable manufacturers of Industrial Welded Mesh, we have expert knowledge in the applications of all our products so if you are not sure what you need, speak to us and we will be able to advise you. There are certain industrial welded mesh products that are not suitable for exterior use and if in doubt it is always best to ask, in order to avoid significant expense and complaints from your clients.

Keeping up to date with all new technology within our industry is also important to us in order to provide our customers with the best there is at competitive prices.  Whether you are in construction, security, agriculture or any other related industry we are here to help. Get a quote today for your project by using our Quick Contact form or calling us on +44 (0)1484 401610


Great value Industrial Fencing

Industrial Fencing may be something your firm can’t do without. Like a lot of organisations, yours might rely on it to demarcate your perimeters and protect your property and personnel, among other things. So, if your current fencing is no longer up-to-scratch, you have moved to a new site, are expanding your premises or anything else, you might well have to invest in products of this kind.

However, you might not be relishing the prospect of paying for the Industrial Fencing supplies. Economic conditions remain tough and you might be operating on a tight budget. Therefore, splashing out large sums of money on fences may simply not be an option.

That said, it’s important that you don’t settle for substandard products simply because they’re cheap.

The good news is, by coming here to Siddall and Hilton Products you can benefit from top-quality fences that are also superb value. This means you needn’t break the bank to meet your fencing needs. We offer a variety of permanent fencing panels and can even offer bespoke designs if you require this.

Also, to bring your costs down further, you might want to invest in our three-metre panels. These reduce the number of posts you need, meaning installing the products is simpler and cheaper. Indeed, these can bring your installation costs down by up to 20 per cent.

If you’re keen to find out more about what we have to offer and see our full range of Industrial Fencing, just take a look around our website.

New panels already proving popular

Following the success of the January Perimeter Protection exhibition in Nuremberg, Siddall & Hilton Products have seen a marked escalation in interest and demand for several of their new and innovative products which were unveiled at the show.

Several of their new products have generated particular interest, the most successful of which has been the Safetop fencing panel. Intended for playgrounds, nurseries and other installations often involving the presence of children and where sharp edges and finger trap risks must be minimised.


After manufacture of the pre-galvanised flat panels on Siddall’s modern EVG mesh production lines, an automated cutting and folding machine first removes the appropriate wires for the post rebates  and then twice folds the edges of the flat panel over to create the triangular Safetop profile. Panels are then subjected to pre-treatment and polyester powder coating in a wide variety of colours, often bright and appealing to children.

However, the panel is not limited only to installations where children are present. The Safetop concept is also very well received in public areas, highways and sporting applications for example, where spectators can comfortably lean on the top of the panel whilst watching the game. Safetop can even be produced in double wire and rebound variants making it strong, safe and reliable no matter which side of the fence you are on.

Sales Manager Steve Cockerham commented: “After announcing these new panel designs at the excellent January show in Nuremberg we were surprised at how quickly demand took hold and we’ve seen a steady sales growth of these products month on month.  Because of our ability to accurately make multiple folds in our mesh panels, several specific designs of folded panels have been developed with our customers since the show and we look forward to more joint developments in future”

Siddall and Hilton also unveiled a new 200 x 50 profile panel in Nuremberg which has been extremely well received.

Siddall profile panels

Siddall’s UK production facility already manufactured customer specific designs of profile panels but adopted the new panels as an in-house standard and stock item. Available from 1 metre to 3 metres high and in 3 metre widths, labour and hardware savings of 20% can be realised when compared to 2.5m wide panels. 4.5mm diameter pre-galvanised wires are pre-treated and powder coated in order to withstand the elements and provide a long and attractive service life which through sustained laboratory testing is proving to be at least equivalent to hot dip galvanising.

New high security mesh products available

With recent advances in cordless and portable tool technology, high security welded wire fence systems that were previously considered practically impossible to breach have had their delay factors reduced.

Siddall and Hilton Products have been working hard to develop a new range of high security fencing panels which hand the advantage to the property owner.

With a modern fleet of the most flexible and productive mesh welding machines in the market, SHP are able to mix and match wire diameters, mesh configuration and aperture size, enabling us to formally announce the availability of several new products:

Prison Superior

Conventional prison mesh is manufactured from 4mm horizontal and vertical wires. Prison Superior utilises 6mm vertical wires to increase the durability of the panel and increase the attack withstand factor.


This panel is the same as Prison Superior but with a second series of 4mm horizontal wires welded to the back face of the panel at 152.4mm intervals.

35-duo prison fence

35-Duo panels clearly showing the third wire on the back face of the panel

Prison Ultimate

The flagship of our high security mesh products, (panel range), Prison Ultimate replaces the 4mm wires used in conventional 358 panels with 6mm wires throughout. Attack withstand is significantly improved, cut-through time is increased by 50% and the increased wire size throughout rules out some hand tools that can be used to breach 4mm wire panels.

358 fence toppings

These retrofittable fence toppings are bent to customer preferences and bolted to the top of existing 358 fence panels. Depending upon the exact configuration, these toppings can increase the height of the existing fence and provide a formidable overhang which further reduces the likelihood of an intruder being able to climb the fence.

358 fence topping

An example of a bolted 358 fence topping arrangement

We’re back on rolls !

Due to increased demand, our EVG ATT102 machine is currently producing weldmesh rolls in 3mm Galfan wire and with a popular 2″ square mesh aperture.

Weldmesh rolls

Available in several heights as follows they provide a simple and effective solution for fast-install security fencing;

        • 106″ high (2.7 metres) x 492″ long (12.5 metres)
        • 96″ high (2.4 metres) x 984″ long (25 metres)
        • 84″ high (2.1 metres) x 984″ long (25 metres)
        • 72″ high (1.8 metres) x 984″ long (25 metres)
        • 48″ high (1.2 metres) x 984″ long (25 metres)
        • 36″ high (0.9 metres) x 984″ long (25 metres)

Fencing rolls

 We’re back on rolls, so please visit our weldmesh rolls web page or do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in discussing this product with us or need a quotation.