Can you afford not to install security fencing?

Posted on: February 12, 2015

security fencing

Security fencing has become an automatic choice in today’s world to protect commercial and industrial premises. It is an effective solution to prevent unwanted intrusion onto any premises whether the intrusion is from vandals, active theft or sabotage.

There are several types of security fencing and it is recommended that you take professional advice on the type of fencing which most matches your company’s requirements. Secure perimeter fences are normally made from steel and styles range from upright bars and railings to welded mesh security panels and stock fencing. Together with the fencing there will also be a need to choose security gates; these also vary enormously and include traditional opening gates, sliding gates, barriers and barricades. The installation needs to be erected by a professional fencing contractor and it’s important to make sure that fencing and erection of it is guaranteed by the company providing it.

 Temporary or permanent

The fencing can be fixed or portable depending on requirements. Last year when the Nato Summit was held in Newport, Wales top security fencing was used with secure gates and despite the scale of the work, the installation was quickly achieved as was the removal of it after the Summit

Some companies need additional security accessories such as electric fencing. However it is important to comply with laws and regulations regarding these types of fences because although permitted, there are strict laws in the UK about signs, positioning, height etc.

Save money on insurance and manpower

Whilst at first glance security fencing may seem expensive, it can save companies millions of pounds in theft and reduce the cost of insurance. The fencing can replace security guards, which again is a saving for the company concerned. In some instances where guards have suffered from attacks by vandals, thieves or serious criminals, steel fencing is often a safer alternative to manpower.

For those concerned about the reliability and appearance of perimeter fencing, in today’s world it has become sophisticated and inoffensive. When a company, based in a residential area, installs this type of fencing it can be discreet and yet reassuring to locals who may worry about local break-ins or vandals when their houses are near to commercial or industrial premises. Steel fencing comes in all sorts of different colours and can blend in well with the environment.

In short secure steel fences do a fantastic job whichever industry or purpose you want or need them for.

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