Precision is Important in when Buying Bulk Wire Lengths

Posted on: July 19, 2016

Bulk Wire Lengths

Bulk Wire lengths are used in a huge variety of applications from wheel hubs and coat hangers to piano wire and wire container handles.

It’s fairly simple to cut wire lengths to an exact size at home but when you need them in bulk and completely straight, specialised machinery is the best way to achieve the perfect product. Siddall and Hilton’s investment in precision, up to date machinery had made us leaders in the production and supply of wire lengths internationally and nationwide.

Modern, up to date, machinery

Our machinery enables us to precisely cut wire up to 3 metres in length and in diameters of up to 8mm.  Materials we commonly use are:

  • Galvanised wire – anti rust
  • Copper washed – if aesthetics are of concern

How perfect wire lengths are produced

For ease of use and storage wire is manufactured in coils. The wire is straightened by passing it through state of the art machinery, gripped by rollers and monitored electronically. When the exact length has passed through the machine and is straight, it is precision cut.

You can see some of these processes in our Production methods video here.

Wire container handles

Stainless steel wire container handles comprise much of our component production activities.  These handles are corrosion resistant and are therefore used extensively on containers in industries where hygiene is of prime importance or where containers are likely to come into contact with moisture.

However, it’s not just in commerce and industry that our products are used.  Our wire has been used in wire sculptures, hobbies and art which demonstrate the versatility of steel wire in a host of applications.

If you would like to learn more about buying bulk wire lengths, contact Siddall & Hilton products today to find out how we can help you with your specific project.


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