Benefits of using Standard Mesh Products

Posted on: June 19, 2015

Standard Mesh | Siddall & Hilton ProductsStandard Mesh, is widely used in Construction and Civil Engineering projects. It’s also used in filtration, food manufacture, protection systems and agriculture. Our Standard Mesh, also known as Welded Mesh is a major prefabrication product aimed at helping our customers to raise their productivity standards in all uses.

Some of the advantages of using Standard Welded Mesh are:

  • Control and flexibility in manufacturing to suit any structural requirement
  • Can be used in either flat sheet or shaped form
  • Wastage of material is reduced and controlled
  • Better for utilising on-site space and logistics
  • Standard welded mesh conforms to BS 1052: 1980

Our Standard mesh products are available in the following finishes:

Copper Wash (self-colour)

Manufactured from copper-washed drawn mild steel wire

Copper washed standard industrial mesh is not suitable for outdoor use without further surface treatment and would usually be hot dip galvanised after fabrication

Hot Dip Galvanised

This is generally made up of plain steel wire which is processed and coated in a hot zinc covering.  This style of square structured mesh is used for making grilles and grating, and is an ideal product for making animal cages and partitions.

The main characteristics of hot dipped galvanised standard mesh are that it has a uniform, flat surface with a firm structure and excellent corrosion resistance.

Galfan Finish

Used for protection against soil and water, for example in flood areas to prevent water seepage. It has the following advantages in use: Simple installation, Weatherproof, Corrosion Resistant, No Collapse, Economic and Good Penetrability.

Siddall & Hilton Products Ltd can supply any of the above type finishes in Standard Mesh, in wire diameters from 2.00 mm – 4.75mm supported by a wide range of mesh configurations, with welds at every intersection to give maximum strength.

We manufacture five standard panel sizes as follows. Non-standard sizes can be considered upon request, subject to minimum order quantities.

  • 4’ x 8′ (1220mm x 2440mm)
  • 6′ x 12′ (1830mm x 3660mm)
  • 6′ x 4′ (1830mm x 1220mm)
  • 6′ x 3′ (1830mm x 915mm)
  • 7′ x 12′ (2140mm x 3660mm

Please contact us to discuss your specific Standard Mesh requirements and get a no obligation, free quote.



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