Applications for Standard Mesh Panels

Posted on: September 29, 2015

Standard Mesh Fencing

Stainless steel standard mesh panels are used in a huge variety of applications across a broad range of industries including construction, catering, security and fencing among many others. Manufactured in almost limitless configurations, they are available in standard sizes as well as bespoke specifications. Here are some of the most common uses:


In catering standard mesh can be seen on the interior of kitchen units forming baskets to hold a variety of products and objects, as panels with utensils hung from them and in racking. Since cooking generates a lot of steam stainless steel is chosen because it is rust resistant

Items stored on stainless steel racks or in welded wire mesh baskets can with the correct configuration, easily be seen at a glance, something a busy chef finds invaluable when having to produce orders at speed.


Standard mesh panels configured to obscure vision are perfect for use in banks, over windows and in dispatch facilities. Indeed any area where it’s important to keep activities away from prying eyes.

These panels can also be used for security fencing but if used outside need to be coated or hot tip galvanised.

Standard mesh is often used as an alternative to boarding up windows in empty buildings and to surround building sites, offering a protective barrier against vandalism and robbery. However, where a high level of security is required more robust security fencing systems are available.

Machinery and equipment

As coverings or guards welded wire mesh panels are an integral part of health and safety offering security and high visibility when machines are in operation.  In environments where a lot of moisture is created the panels are corrosion resistant and therefore long lasting.


Welded mesh panels can be used as screens in open plan office areas to segregate workspaces.  Mesh configurations and colour coatings create an attractive appearance and allow air to circulate through the panels.

Agricultural use

Hot tip galvanised or coated standard mesh panels are used for animal for interior and exterior animal enclosures, farm fencing, protecting trees and plants, shelving and storage. Panels used for agricultural purposes are manufactured in a wide range of grades and sizes.

The panels can also be used in zoos and wildlife parks as enclosures for animals, birds and other wildlife. They are equally effective as pet enclosures for residential use.

Naturally, there are many more ways in which standard mesh can be applied but the next time you have a project, perhaps you will consider using these panels rather than less robust alternatives such as wood or plastic.


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