Airport Security Fencing To Keep You Safe

Posted on: October 10, 2014

Airport security fencing is designed not only to keep you safe but also to protect anything in the airport from theft, vandalism or terrorist attack. The airport manager puts a lot of thought into the type of security fencing necessary for the many perimeter areas that exist within the airport.

Airport fencing needs to be strong, perform the function it is designed for but also needs to be relatively aesthetically pleasing. Any airport security fencing project needs to include other security systems to be effective as well as security gates to high risk areas.

Galvanised steel airport security fencing

Galvanised steel fencing is usually the first choice of most airport security fencing buyers because it is durable and has an appearance of security. When visitors to an airport see this fencing they psychologically feel safe within the airport grounds. An ideal fencing solution, galvanised steel fencing intimidates intruders because it is high and very difficult to climb. Animals and vehicles also find it difficult to breach.

Galvanised steel airport security fencing can be designed to a custom specification if required and fitted professionally by experienced security fencing contractors, this type of fencing is easy to install. Indeed many airport security fences are customised to make it simple to accessorise with other security features such as railings, gates, cameras, lights and alarms.

Mesh airport security fencing

Mesh fencing with its anti climb and anti ram properties provides a reliable solution to securing the perimeter of any airport and if lighter solutions are needed for different areas in the airport, welded wire fencing is an excellent option.

Reputable, established and experienced fencing manufacturers are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas to provide solutions to diverse and changing security problems. Particularly in places like airports, high quality security fencing is a requirement rather than an option but as technology progresses it doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive.

High quality airport security fencing

Nowadays, more than at any other time with the security threat to the UK raised to “Severe” visitors to airports need to feel safe and secure. Airport personnel need to inspect the airport security fencing on a regular basis to check for any sign of breach or attempted breach. This job is made so much easier when the fencing is made from mesh or galvanised steel, not to mention offering the low maintenance cost.

High quality airport security fencing can last for many years without the need for replacement or constant ongoing repairs. A price cannot be placed on the security of people, millions of pounds worth of aircraft and all the other valuable items to be found in airports.

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