358 Prison Mesh to Keep Foxes Out

Posted on: July 24, 2015


Keep foxes out with 358 Prison MeshFox hunting results in heated debate in the UK whenever the topic arises and since the vote on an amendment of the Hunting Act was withdrawn last week we thought we’d look at alternatives. The main issue is clearly the protection of livestock so is there anything that can be done to effectively prevent foxes from gaining access to the animals?

Many farmers and smallholders report that foxes can dig under fencing and find innovate ways to get over or through it. However, there is some fencing that is virtually impenetrable and it’s used in high security prisons not only in the UK but all over the world.

Long lasting security fencing

Our 358 prison mesh in Galfan wire (which doesn’t need powder coating) is 2.5 metres wide and manufactured in various heights from 1270mm to 5200mm. It can be sunk into the ground at any desired depth with prison specification being 300mm below ground set in concrete.  This security fencing is also anti-climb and would be impossible for a fox to penetrate (even with a pair of conventional wire cutters).  Although Galfan wire is dense in this type of mesh fencing it doesn’t impair visibility and can be electrified if required.

358 Prison mesh might not be the first thing people think of to keep foxes out but it is certainly worth consideration, whether as a boundary fence around a large farm, smallholding or to protect enclosures where farm animals are kept. With minimal maintenance this Security Fencing can last a lifetime.  It can also be used in gardens where people keep chickens.

Fence topping

A good protective fence should be at least 1828.8mm (6ft) high and if you don’t  propose electrifying it, a fence topping sloping outwards will provide even better security should the fox, by some remote stretch of the imagination be able to climb the fence.

Prison mesh fencing is not the cheapest but it is a durable and long lasting investment which will pay dividends if you have a regular problem with foxes killing livestock.

For more information about fencing options for security applications please Contact us. We have a wealth of knowledge to help you decide on which of our products will best suit your specific project.

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