3 Common Applications for Special Mesh Panels

Posted on: June 22, 2016

Special Mesh Panels

As manufacturers of Special Mesh Panels we have a diverse range of clients from all types of industry.  Our stainless steel panels are used in building and construction, for fencing boundaries, to create attractive features in landscape gardening and in catering to name just a few applications. There is hardly a limit to the configurations we are able to produce and we hold always have standard sized panels in stock.

These are some of the most common applications standard and Special Mesh Panels are put to:

Agricultural and Farming

Standard or special panels which have been coated or (Hot tip galvanised) can be used for interior enclosures for livestock on farms.  They can also be used to make exterior enclosures and boundary fences. There is enormous versatility when using them in agriculture and farming such as the protection of saplings and other trees, creation of shelves and storage areas.

Many of our Special Mesh Panels are sent to wildlife parks and zoos to protect both animals and visitors.


Hygiene is paramount in catering and most professional chefs prefer the vast majority of anything in their kitchens to be made of stainless steel.  This is because it is corrosion proof and since a lot of steam is generated whilst cooking, that’s important.

Our panels can be used as shelves, racks and storage units, as well as to segregate areas in the kitchen. Stainless steel is also very easy to clean.

Security & Fencing

Special Mesh Panels are often used in banks, pawn brokers or antique shops and in other industries where it is important that visitors don’t see too much. We can manufacture them to be aesthetically pleasing, matching the décor of their location.

If used as Security Fences they will need to be hot tip galvanised or specially coated to protect them from the elements. Properly coated, they can last a lifetime.

They can also be configured specially so that other security accessories can be attached or affixed to them.

For more information on our comprehensive range of Special Mesh Panels, D49 Mesh and other Mesh products contact us via our website or by telephone.  Our sales team will be happy to discuss applications and options with you.

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